A comedy about an absent-minded man who works at a advertising company and topples from one problem to another.

A comedy about an absent-minded man who works at a advertising company. He topples from one problem to another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryland B (br) wrote: Terrible editing, presentation, and argumentation. The only thing that this film accomplished was marketing inferior food products that often times are just as processed as the foods the director advocates the average consumer drop from their diet.

Evelyn M (de) wrote: I met James Carville one time. He insulted the university of Chicago and almost broke my hand with his forceful death-grip he seems to have mistaken for a suitable handshake.

Caitlin L (fr) wrote: Ridiculous but somewhat funny.

Dj Hollywood (es) wrote: Before we had CGI beauty like "Finding Nemo" and others this gem of a movie came and went with barley anyone seeing it. Kaena is pure anime magic and shouldn't be missed by cgi or sci-fi fan. The story is told of a world whose people are dying and so is there giant tree planet. But one girl rebel Kaena won't stop until she finds the truth of why and how she can prevent "The Gods" from causing more disaster to her people. The story comes even more alive with the grade A sci-fi concepts of worlds and creatures. I saw this on shrooms once and it blew me away. Now i recommend it for any true fan of sci-fi so don't pass it buy when you see it at the local video store!

Matthew L (es) wrote: As long as you've never played the video game, heard of the video game or even know what a games console is you'll still find this a bit of a disappointment. Generic and cliched sci-fi.

mike h (mx) wrote: one of the best under rated serial killer movies out there, vince and phoenix are amazing and there a great cast, seriously under rated, a rare hidden gem, go lester you freak.