10 years ago the perverse Dr. Russell couldn't resist the beauty of a young patient in his mental clinic and raped her one night. When she plunged herself from the roof shortly after, he described it as consequence of her heavy depressions. Now the same urge overcomes him with his new patient Sandy. He doesn't know that she's the daughter of his previous victim and that she's come for revenge.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   murder,   suicide,  

10 years ago the perverse Dr. Russell couldn't resist the beauty of a young patient in his mental clinic and raped her one night. When she plunged herself from the roof shortly after, he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amreen G (fr) wrote: performances were good.. RD GD ROCK.. good music

Andrew N (de) wrote: Really enjoyed it ace music and plenty of dancing.

Alain S (de) wrote: Just watched this fantastic doc about the breast cancer movement and the pink ribbon campaign. What an eye opener!!

Mike R (br) wrote: Horrific look at Berlusconiism, the base world of Italian television (90% owned by Berlusconi) which mainly consists of unedifying sexist pap.

David B (br) wrote: Fantastic movie. There are not enough like it - shows what is of true value. Great characters - loved it.

Lanis L (gb) wrote: Got reminded of this film when watching a segment on Japan Hour, promoting Spa Resort Hawaiians in Iwaki. Japanese Hula Girls! What a novelty. Look beyond and you'll find that the movie sends out a strong message of perseverance.

Brian K (us) wrote: Hastily cobbled thriller with no originality and an over reliance on red herrings and Al Pacino's disinterested glare.

Yuki O (br) wrote: one of the best japanese film

Taylor M (gb) wrote: Every time this movie starts to pick up either Barrymore or Adam Garcia ruins it. Steve Zahn and James Woods do stellar work though.

Brooke M (br) wrote: only cause alyssa milano is in it

Mustafa A (jp) wrote: This was shown on HBO as a feature presentation, so I felt it had to be worth a watch - and it was! Suspenseful from the beginning, only to drop slightly towards the end. The acting was brilliant, and the background music adds to the tense atmosphere. Maybe they could've done better with the ending, but I still feel it's good value and I enjoyed watching it.

Harry W (mx) wrote: Uncertain about what I was really going to face in another Jim Jarmusch film, I went into Night on Earth with nothing but uncertainty, but I had hope that a collaboration featuring both Winona Ryder and Roberto Bengini would be very entertaining.The concept of a taxi driver interacting with clients is a very interesting concept to me because it allows characters to learn from each other and speak with utmost honesty. The premise fascinated me in Michael Mann??s 2004 crime thriller Collateral, although it began as a similarly themed drama to Night on Earth and later unfolded into a crime thriller. In Night on Earth, all the important focus rests on the interactions between the complicated characters, and it is actually very interesting. While as the film covers five stories, some which are less interesting than others, Jim Jarmusch??s iconic film style and intelligent screenplay renders it a consistently successful feature.Night on Earth can be summarised by having its five stories split into various sections, so that is the way I will structure this review. And before I do go into details I will say that the entire feature is filmed with strong quality cinematography which stays true to the details of the characters and keeps the scale down on the character-driven level of a Jim Jarmusch film. Also, it is all edited very well and features an excellent screenplay. The screenplay in Night on Earth gets into the minds of the characters easily and allows the actors to give it their best without problem, and it creates an insightful and entertaining universe which introduces interesting concepts and themes to the film and never looks backThe first story of Night on Earth gives it a really good start, as it shows the communication between a young tomboy taxi driver and a female casting agent. The interaction between the two characters is fairly funny and insightful too, particularly in the final scene. The last moment of this story has Victoria Snelling offering a part in a film to Corky who politely refuses, ginving up the potential for ??Every girl??s dream?? for what she wants to do in life. The way that she refuses to be seduced into the more commercial industry and instead wants to stick with simply what she is good at and what she wants to do for herself reflects the way Jim Jarmusch has consistently remained one of the most consistent contributors to independent cinema without going into big-budget material which is used more as a commodity than a thought provoking film. The character Corky is a great one and reflects part of Jim Jarmusch himself which is admirable.Winona Ryder is one of my all time favourite actresses, and I love it when she takes on very character driven parts. So to have her playing the lead in a segment of Jim Jarmusch??s film which partially reflects himself as a human is just excellent. Winona Ryder??s charming charisma dominates the screen, even against two-time Academy Award nominated actress Gena Rowlands and her sharp and witty line delivery is perfect for the atmosphere of a Jim Jarmusch film, and she kicks the energy of the film off to a good start.Gena Rowland??s performance is also an effective one, largely because of her confidence and because of the strong comic charisma that she shares with Winona Ryder as the characters unfold on the screen. Gena Rowlands gives a certain sense of wisdom to her character and delivers her lines with grand strength, and so the relationship between her and Winona Ryder give Night on Earth a great start.The second story is rather interesting as well, mainly because of how the actors handle the material. It is a simple story which reminds us of the humane frustration that comes with dealing with a person that cannot do their job properly while also creating a situation in which the audience can easily sympathise with the man who fails to drive his taxi well enough or take directions intelligently due to his lack of strong understanding of the English language. This part of the film depicts the cultural difference between Germany and America and is full of interesting characters, and the way the actors interact with each other is so real that it is easy to feel the same thing as the characters and have a laugh in the process.Armin Mueller-Stahl manages to perfectly depict the archetype of the annoying foreigner who fails to do his job correctly, but he manages to charm audiences into easily sympathising for him with an emotional line delivery and a general sense of friendliness. Armin Muerller-Stahl takes on the role with ease and makes himself a strong presence.Giancarlo Esposito who would later take on the unforgettable role of Gustavo ??Gus?? Fring in Breaking Bad gives a performance a lot different in Night on Earth. I didn??t even recognise him as being the same actor in both roles because his less restrained performance in Night on Earth unleashes his natural acting charisma which is easy for audiences to connect to. His conveying of frustration is done with ease and natural acting strength, and his chemistry with Armin Mueller-Stahl is the source of much laughter.And eventually Rosie Perez enters the picture, and her natural hilarious energy manages to make her a genial presence that results in making the scene all the more appealing. It gets funnier the second her voice is heard simply because ever since White Men Can??t Jump I have learned to associate her voice with comedic material, and I found her naturally funny all over again.The story sort of takes a slight dip in quality by the third section of the film simply because it becomes very repetitive. The first half is mainly obnoxious characters pushing the limits of a taxi driver until he kicks them out, followed by a tense discussion with a blind woman. While we get some kind of insight into her, there isn??t too much and this section of the film simply isn??t as intelligent or entertaining as the previous ones had been. And while the performances of both Isaach de Bankole and Beatrice Dalle are effective, the strength of this scene simply is not as effective as the preceding scenes and proves to be a letdown.The fourth segment in the movie takes on the story of a man suddenly confessing all his sins to a priest. This scene had the potential to be both a deep and meaningful situation and a comedic one, and it chooses to be the latter which neglects the potential for its dramatic depth and tries to play things out comedically. But it isn??t as funny as you may hope which is a shame because it has Roberto Benigni as the main actor in the scene. It has its funny moments because of him, but it is stretched out for a bit long and pushes the limits a bit. This scene isn??t too impressive, but it serves as a great front for the immense acting talents of Roberto Benigni.I always believed that Roberto Benigni is the greatest Italian actor of all time because his lead performance in La Vita e Bella is the single greatest acting performance I have ever seen in anything ever in my entire life, and he deservingly won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the efforts of his performance. The entire scene revolves mostly around his ability to give a soliloquy with confidence and ease, and while the scene itself isn??t perhaps as entertaining and insightful as it could have been, the performance of Roberto Benigni is a powerful and dedicated testament to his ability to hold the screen. Roberto Benigni??s quick wit and sharp line delivery ensures that he gives a powerful performance, and it is just terrific to see him working with Jim Jarmusch.Paolo Bonacelli also gives a decent effort in this scene.The final story of Night on Earth chronicles three men attempting to hep their drunken friend after he has been fired from his job and chased out of his house by his wife with a knife over in Helsinki. As his two friends consider the sad reality of the situation, the cab driver tells them a story of real sadness. The driving force of the effect in this scene is the performance of Matti Pellonpaa. Matti Pellonpaa skilful soliloquy of sadness made me forget that he was an actor because everything simply happened to genuinely. He simply said his lines as if they were on his mind, not as if he had to think about them and learn them. The true strength in his monologue is a powerful thing and is full of powerful emotions, so it is difficult not to walk away from the final scene in Night in Hearth having felt the saddening effect of a poor man's suffering attempts to become a father, and Matti Pellonpaa's lead performance in the role is flawless.And the film ends on the same note it started on, with a Tom Waits musical piece.So Night on Earth has some hits and misses depending on how the audience appreciates one vignette over the next, but the strength of the actors and Jim Jarmusch's iconic style is all too real in Night on Earth.

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Carreh R (it) wrote: Kudos to Louis Malle for "seeing" and documenting, quite early on, the devastating effects of Neo Liberalism that was, for the most part, initiated by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. In this documentary we see a farming community in 1979 when all is relatively good and comfortable and then we see the same community in 1985. Here we see the effects of Neo Liberalism on farming as family farmers are being priced and squeezed out of business. We all know what happened after to the detriment of family farmers, food consumers and to the animals. Knowing where we are at now this is a horrifying portent and shows that Louis Malle is a visionary.