Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

The World War II US Government account of the European theatre of the war from after the English and French entry to the fall of France. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Quincy J (de) wrote: I liked it but felt some things were too summarized here.

Panta O (it) wrote: There is another romantic comedy that was featured at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. The film was directed by Kat Coiro and produced by Justin Long (who has the role of the main character Sam), who wrote the script with his brother Christian and Keir O'Donnell, who also stars in the film as Eliot, next to Evan Rachel Wood as Birdie, Sam Rockwell as Gary, Sienna Miller as Sarah, Brendan Fraser as Tony and Vince Vaughn as Alan. The non-original, sanitized story which follows the life of writer who creates a trumped-up online persona in order to impress a young woman, won't be too attractive for most of the viewers if it didn't have actors with lots of chemistry (sadly lots of restrains as well), excellent music choice, and lots of funny situations. It was not just watchable, but definitely enjoyable. Of course, everybody have their own preferences and reasons to enjoy this work of Kat Coiro, and they could list something else. I enjoyed watching young writer Sam having a crush on Birdie, the cute and quirky barista at his local coffee shop, and especially enjoyed all his conventional attempts to woo her crashing and burning. When he failed there, he tries online, creating an Internet profile embellished with all of the details that would make him Birdie's dream guy: ballroom dancing, rock climbing, a seemingly endless, escalating series of wacky and unlikely hobbies. Of course, this harebrained scheme is a surprise success and Birdie falls for his exaggerated alter ego... but Sam must keep up the act or lose his dream girl forever. I think this could be simple a winning comedy for the social media age.

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: It should be better than this

Nick A (kr) wrote: This one is for lovers of gay humor, jokes that involve certain parts of the body, and stuff that goes in and out parts of the body. There are some decent scenes that lift the level higher than similar movies, and some actors aren't bad at all.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (mx) wrote: Sick and funny, twisted and just plain wtf xD

Chris M (nl) wrote: Totally forgot how sharp, funny, and genuine this one is.

Coltin L (au) wrote: Moderately funny but has a way overused storyline

Nate J (gb) wrote: This is a brilliant film, made up of complete short sketches. There are real laugh out loud moments, and some of the most random things you'll ever seen. Great movie.

Yanique B (au) wrote: I love horror movie, so this one personaly caught my attention and it was pretty good.

Gareth D (br) wrote: Educational sans melodramatic. Nobody understood the man and his doctor was useless. No wonder he got a smack from Vincent on his deathbed. He was surrounded by a lot of caring people who knew he was a genius but didn't want to buy his art. The film cares too, while similarly doesn't understand or buy into his output. A work of genius in itself. Sublime to the senses. I foregoed (?) my trip to the cinema for this and wasn't disappointed. Not for one second. It's living inside of me and is most welcome. Now I have to see all of Pialat's output...

Renee B (es) wrote: I've seen this movie quite a few times and though it is not a cinematic masterpiece, it's a very enjoyable film. From the perspective of an 18 year old, this movie is fun to watch and catches interest easily with the familiar and elucidates a more shimmering, bashful side of teen existence.

Dusty L (it) wrote: 72% on my Tomatometer.