Divina confusión

Divina confusión

The Greek Olimpian Gods engage in the human life experience to its full intensity, for which they choose Mexico City's trendy night club: "Olimpus Dancing Club". Once living in the mortal's...

The Greek Olimpian Gods engage in the human life experience to its full intensity, for which they choose Mexico City's trendy night club: "Olimpus Dancing Club". Once living in the mortal's... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohammed A (jp) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Todd S (br) wrote: Movies like Extracted, have such potential, however mistakes in the story often become their downfall. Extracted is the story of a scientist who has developed a new technology, that allows him to temporary transfer his consciousness to another person. Once inside their head, he can see their memories and know their feelings. Of course the Government is interested in this technology for criminal justice purposes and pay the scientist to go into the mind of a murder suspect, to find out if he's guilty or not. Once inside, the scientist becomes trapped and must figure out a way to make the suspect aware of his presents, before he can figure a way out. The problem I had with this story is that the scientist becomes trapped the very first time he uses his invention. What scientist would ever use themselves as the guinea pig? Additionally, are we supposed to believe that the government would just drop a bundle of money on an untested technology? Once inside the mans head, we constantly see memories out of order and jump between scientist memories, suspect memories, and what's going on in the outside world, making for a very confusing film. Dominic Bogart stars as the suspect and really does a nice job, however the scientist, played by Sasha Roiz wasn't nearly as believable. Extracted had a great story to work with, but a mediocre star, with a confusing timeline, making it nearly impossible to follow. I loved the premise, the investigation was interesting, and Dominic Bogart was really good, but all those things weren't enough to save an otherwise confusing and uneven film.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: High School Musical isn't the worst thing to came out as some people have said. I thought the movie wasn't that good but lets be honest here we have seen much worse.The movie isn't insulting like some bad movies out there that are arming for young teens and the movie isn't painful to watch as well. The movie may not be good but it's nowhere near as god awful as people have said.

Bruce R (jp) wrote: Oh Bill Murray why would you agree to do this twice let alone one of them.

Kimberly Y (it) wrote: not as good as the first

Scott E (ca) wrote: I usually tell people this is the best film I have ever seen. I think it is a film geek's type of film though, the plot is very simple, but profound all the same. It is a family story told in a way that I think all kinds of people will relate to something. But more than the wonderfull acting is the breathtaking cinematography, this one is a stunner. So many rich shots, drenched with layers and timing, use of color, framing, its a gem and I love it.

Flor H (ca) wrote: great german movie! the filming is flawless and the story is so powerful.. it even made frau ortman cry!

Ian R (fr) wrote: When I saw this in 97, I don't think it really connected with me. Then I found it fairly pretentious and plodding, but now I see that it is actually quite a good little commentary on not just suburban life, but gen x life in general. Yeah, some of the dialogue is a little over the top, but the feeling of being stuck in the same place doing nothing is always omnipresent. This is a good extrapolation on the difficulty of growing up for a certain generation... at least those that remain in a state of arrested development.

Estefania T (au) wrote: want to see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark S (br) wrote: Part of the 'kitchen sink' genre that forever changed the face of British cinema. Released in 1959, and commonly regarded as the first British film to take sex seriously, Room At The Top tells the story of Joe Lampton (Laurence Harvey), a working class man who is determined to escape his social stratum and become a success. He begins to cynically romance Susan Brown (Heather Sears), the innocent young daughter of a local millionaire, believing he can use her love to force the upper class to accept him. At the same time, he is drawn to the unhappily married Alice Aisgill (Simone Signoret), an older Frenchwoman who he feels a deep connection with. The film's sexually explicit dialogue may seem staid now, but at the time it was truly groundbreaking, and following its' release British cinema started to take itself more seriously. Dealing with such timeless themes as class conflict, ambition, greed, and the pursuits of happiness and fortune, and featuring an Oscar-winning performance from Signoret, the film is still highly viewable today, and deserves a wider audience.

Devon B (us) wrote: Love, marriage, and parenthood, all the bittersweet magnificence of life is on display in "Penny Serenade", a sentimental little film from 1941. Cary Grant and Irene Dunne star as the lovers who, as the movie opens, seem doomed to separate. As she's packing to leave her husband, she finds a box of old records and begins to listen to them. Each record is tied to a specific place and time in her mind, unlocking memories that show a relationship unfold as the movie progresses. The song she was playing at the record store where she worked when they first met or the song that reminded her of the time they spent living in Japan, each is a poignant little chapter in the lives of these two people. But why is she leaving her husband? The answer reveals itself slowly and tragically. It's said that the human body is simply a vehicle for genes needing to replicate (Agent Scully, X-Files, season 4, episode 2), so the suggestion is that a body unable to reproduce might lose its purpose. If I can find any fault in "Penny Serenade", it's that the ending is wrapped up a little too neatly and perhaps a little too callously. There are some things in life you can't just kiss and make better. There are some losses that can't be cooled with an ice cream cone on the ride home. Dunne and Grant both deliver career-highlight performances (Grant was in fact, nominated for an Oscar), and maybe the ending was an audience appeasement. After all, when we've invested so much emotion into the characters, it would be cruel not to give some light at the end of the tunnel.

Giovanna R (br) wrote: Five stars are not enough for this movie...I need 10, 100 I just love it!

Calvin R (br) wrote: Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets is more expanding, darker, great performance by all the cast yet again. This sequal proves to be a tad better then its predeccessor, yet again with great visuals, story, and intensity .

Tyler E (ru) wrote: so many bums die in this

Nancy I (ag) wrote: this movie wuz so raw. asction was gud, i loved it

Jordan R (mx) wrote: it was good. liked the bmw in it