Supernatural forces collide in 'Divination'. Jason (D'angelo Midili) is a young, successful artist married to the lovely Jessica (Natasha Sims). They're filled with joy at their first ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
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Supernatural forces collide in 'Divination'. Jason (D'angelo Midili) is a young, successful artist married to the lovely Jessica (Natasha Sims). They're filled with joy at their first ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nipun A (au) wrote: What a meagre affair. Only a handful of entertaining moments cannot mask the tame attempt at making an artistic feel good film.

Cheryl S (ru) wrote: quirky, difficult to decide if it's good or bad, but I was mesmerized in any case! So guess it's good!

Dan T (it) wrote: August Underground TrilogyPart 1: August UndergroundAugust Underground was a movie made in 2001 directed and starring Fred Vogel. It is still considered one of the most disgusting and raw movies ever made. It follows two serial killers; one behind a camera and one that does most of the dirty work(Vogel). The film is shot in a "found footage" style. The two basically go around, capture and torture victims in their basement.5 minutes into the film, we are already at victim number one. A young girl strapped to a chair, gagged, covered in blood and her own feces. Vogel talks about how beautiful she is and how she will be his forever. He loosens the gag and flashes an apple in front of her asking her if she's hungry. She nods. He starts eating the apple and finds and old apple core on the floor. He wipes it in her feces and duct tapes it into her own mouth as a gag. The entire first act consists of Vogel sexually torturing her and abusing her. He doesn't really use any weapons though. Most movies their killers use a knife or a chainsaw. Not here. Vogel uses his fists, his fingers, and any disposable substance around while his buddy tapes everything. I mentioned fingers because he uses those a lot and we see everything. The movie has full frontal nudity and doesn't hold anything back. The movie is "not rated" but I'd be willing to bet it would easily make the NC-17 rating.What makes this scene so disturbing, is that it looks like its filmed in one take or a few very long takes. These actors are incredible to keep this going for 20 odd minutes with no stops. Since its a "found footage" style on a massively low budget, they don't use any camera tricks or special effects. The cameras used are VHS cameras so the quality is pretty ugly.Throughout the film, they kill multiple people while mostly torturing them in weird sexual ways first. One lady they pick up on the side of the road and offer to give her a lift."Hey ill take you to wherever you want to go if you suck my [email protected]&" says Vogel.After a few minutes of talking, they park the car so she can "pay him his debt". As she is doing it, he clubs her in the face multiple times with a hammer. This particular person they don't even capture. He beats her bloody and leaves her on the side of the road to bleed to death. That's basically what the whole movie is about. They go around messing with people.Another pretty disturbing scene is where they run into a gas station and start messing with people in it. They end up stabbing the owner and start beating up a guy and his girlfriend. They hit both the guy and the girl multiple times to the face to make them fall to the ground."Hahaha! Hey you! Smell her ass! Do it! God damnit stick your fucking face into her ass now or I will slit your goddamn throat and make your girlfriend drink it."Again, it's shot with only a few takes which gives it a real and more disturbing feel. It's things like this that make me wonder what kind of messed up things the film makers have done with their lives and what type of person would volunteer for a scene where you stick your face in a woman's ass. I have to assume that the whole point of the film is to disgust its audience and they do a good job at that. There are quite a few other scenes in the movies that will shock you also.The ending however is anticlimactic and stupid. The last 20 minutes show the duo hanging out, doing drugs, making out and getting blown by two huge ugly hookers. That's it. The scene drags. They separate to go have sex with the hookers. After our beloved camera man finishes, he and his hooker go look for Vogel. They end up going into the basement and find Vogel pumping away while hitting the dead hooker continuously with a blunt object. The other hooker sees it and runs away screaming. They start to chase her and the tape runs out.The End.The movie ends so abruptly. No questions answered. We are left only to assume that our dick head protagonists kill her and get off (no pun intended) scot free. It feels as if the filmmakers forgot to give the film any sort of an ending.August Underground has no real point to it other then finding ways to disgust the viewers. I have to admit that the performances are pretty good and convincing and that I'd have to assume a lot of the scenes were improvised because of the lack of editing and cutting. This by itself is very impressive, especially from this group of people. But the film has a good amount of filler also. There are parts where our duo goes to see a band play at a bar, with no dialogue. Its just the band playing. It almost seems like the duo was recording things just to record. No real point.The movie set out to be the most disturbing and raw film ever made. While i don't think its the worst I've seen, it definitely left a sour taste in my mouth. As a film, August Underground is bad. It has literally nothing going on. No plot and no likable characters. I'm sure the script was paper thin.But then again I don't feel that was the point of the film. It wasn't meant to tell any sort of a story. It was basically there to disgust people and it did a damn good job at that.August Underground is hard to find. I don't think it's something most people with watch multiple times. It feels like that one film you can sort of brag about owning because of its obscurity. It's worth at least one watch in my eyes.2.5/5

Larry Y (it) wrote: Not as good as MANHUNTER

Robin S (es) wrote: Bis zum letzten absolut unrealistischen und beknackten Part ist Lammbock eigentlich witzig und spassig zu sehen. Aber danach versinkt der Film in Lcherlichkeit, die die ganze Vorarbeit des Films zunichte macht.

Alex H (ag) wrote: Extremely dark, terrifyingly well acted, and thought provoking, another example of why I loved Michael Douglas

Andy P (de) wrote: Despite the potential for maudlin depression, first time director Jim Sheridan's true life drama emerged as a surprisingly earthly, funny and uplifting celebration of Christy Brown, who is played by a riveting Daniel Day Lewis in one of the most affecting performances in movie history.

Jay V (ag) wrote: I like it because you get to see mothers eating their children's flesh. YOU NEVER SEE THAT!

Steff L (au) wrote: Characters with character. Funny, light, hawt.

Stacia L (us) wrote: best one yet!!!!~?~?~?

David F (kr) wrote: This film is shot through with a tender, sentimental, romantic vein that is very out of touch with our age but mixed in with gangsters and pimps it somehow works. It starts out in savage Detroit, a post-industrial wasteland where Sonny Chiba movies and comic books pass for culture and art. Clarence falls in love with Alabama, a whore with a heart of gold, and, in killing her pimp, he finds himself in possession of a suitcase of cocaine. While gangsters chase them, they race to Hollywood to find a buyer for the drugs amidst wealthy film producers. Quentin Tarantino wrote the screenplay and it includes many of his obsessions like kung fu movies, pulp paperback criminals, and brilliant dialogue. The Detroit setting is purely literary, an homage to one of Tarantino's biggest influences, Elmore Leonard, who set many of his crime novels there including The Switch, a copy of which a young Tarantino was once apprehended stealing from a Kmart. When the film moves to Los Angeles the setting is equally vividly portrayed with a cast of stoners and wannabe actors and rich film producers. There's a tremendous amount of acting talent from Patricia Arquette to Samuel L. Jackson, Dennis Hopper to Christopher Walken. But ultimately it's the romanticism of the two lovers on the run that make this such a great film, particularly as expressed through the eloquent voice over of the young woman, Alabama.