Divine Intervention

Reverend Robert Gibbs is a young, hip pastor who temporarily takes over the helm of a Fundamentalist Baptist church while his predecessor Reverend Matthews recovers from a stroke. While ...

. . While . Reverend Robert Gibbs is a young, hip pastor who temporarily takes over the helm of a Fundamentalist Baptist church while his predecessor Reverend Matthews recovers from a stroke

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Users reviews

Ace V (de)

wesome Movie !. They need to bring this movie back out on dvd or Blu-ray

Amanda E (kr)

If you ever grown up in a small town there is no way you can't honestly relate to it, even if you won't admit it. Linklater has a style all his own, and is hard driven in what he wants his films to say; which is why no matter what you can't count this film anything less than beautiful. This is definitely film you have to be in the right mood to watch

Andy D (us)

yan Gosling in drag is an interesting addition though!. Well acted, but ultimately just a bit empty. An ultimately unsatisfying film, based on the real story of the Marks family empire in New York, and the various murders and disappearances that went on around them

Ash K (mx)

the film that gave birth to his superstar fame

Ashley K (ca)

. . can never get into them. . . Madea movies are just awful to me

Darcy C (ca)

What a hair raising experience

Diana S (au)

I think it was a very well acted movie to match the good script. Aishwarya Rai was great as well as the one in the thick of Shaukat's story. I thought Sanjay Dutt did a great job playing the eccentric 'puppet master' role. The story did get a little confusing towards the end but doesn't hinder the climax of the movie. It was very unorthodox. Very different from many of the other Hindi movies I've seen

Eric H (jp)

Halle Berry. I found it interesting to see them all together before they became more famous. It has a "70's" feel to it that makes it not worth watching. It's simple formula works for people in their teens

Laurie N (gb)

bsolutely worth seeing!. Sam Shepard was excellent and of course Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was lovely to look at :) Nicely filmed; very moving

Lonny G (es)

It was like the cast of Jersey Shore was playing softball with the Sopranos! Gag me. Blew meaty chunks