Divine Trash

Divine Trash

The life and times of Baltimore film maker and midnight movie pioneer, John Waters.

The life and times of Baltimore film maker and midnight movie pioneer, John Waters. Intercut with a 1972 interview of Waters are clips from his first films and recent interviews with his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chew Keng K (fr) wrote: I enjoyed the premise; I enjoyed the music; I enjoyed the memories of that period of time; Some of the interviewees were not ... fantastic; and this film cries out for the most important figure of them all .. the gaffer ...

Kyle B (au) wrote: Wonderful performance from Juliane Moore and a very funny as always performance from Nathan Lane. It was a nice story but could have been funnier. Other than that it was a good movie

Matthew Y (ru) wrote: Decent action blockbuster

Luca D (ca) wrote: Film molto colorato e quasi "clownesco", il regista e' lo stesso di Amelie' e si nota. In questo caso il film sembra piu' riuscito anche se non e' imperdibile.

Ken D (br) wrote: A very simple but fun movie that the whole family can enjoy. Severeal recognizable faces, but the acting at times was way over thw top. The interaction between the members of the blue team was hilarious and at times I could not stop laughing at their antics.

Feri Z (gb) wrote: Somebody please bury David Decoteau alive!

Leonard D (de) wrote: This was kinda fun when I was a kid, but now, just plain God awful! Take my advice, avoid watching Mk2, and you will thank me for the warning!

Chris V (ca) wrote: Better than the other prequels.

Camille S (br) wrote: 2007 Seattle International Film Festival

Roger M (es) wrote: This is a pretentious, absurd; waste of time. What is David Byrnes motivation to be in it?

Kurt B (it) wrote: An honest witness does not deceive, but a false witness pours out lies. Proverbs 14:5