Dizzy Pilots

Dizzy Pilots

The Three Stooges, as the Wrong Bothers, aided the war effort by inventing a new plane in this below-average two-reel comedy. Actually, they are attempting to avoid the draft but when their plane, the Buzzard, fails miserably, they march off to war. Richard Fiske, formerly a busy supporting player in Stooges comedies, appeared in this two-reeler courtesy of stock footage from the earlier Boobs in Arms (1940). Ironically, Fiske had himself been drafted and would be killed in action in France in August of 1944.

The stooges are the Wrong brothers, three inventors trying to finish building an airplane they can sell to the army and thereby avoid the draft. When their plane, the "Buzzard", turns out ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ayrton Anthony C (it) wrote: Divertida y entretenida, ideal para disfrutarla en familia.

Gary S (de) wrote: Excellent movie for movie Wednesday

Kevin E (br) wrote: One of the most underrated films of all time. John Hughes is a comic genius (Ferris Bueller, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Home Alone, NL Christmas Vacation.) It has so many great lines, great moments, and the amazing fireworks scene that I still enjoy. It may not be the humor you're used to, but I'd say that's what makes it great. Where else would someone say, "Nothing Burps Better than Bacon"?

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Sheppard S (au) wrote: Remember seeing this shortly after it came out. Lots of fond memories. The wrestling scenes while it rained were great. Different kind of movie.

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