African drummer leaves village, makes it big in the world. Great drumming!!

African drummer leaves village, makes it big in the world. Great drumming!! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jose V (mx) wrote: Good acting. Watching this type of movies, based on true events, that showes us some of the worst and most violent moments in history, makes me sad and angry. To see how far does hate can take a human, how it can make them do such horrible things. I know sometimes is good to remember and understand those moments in history, and learn from them. To remember those innocent souls that were lost. But the saddest thing is, we still see situations like this every day, all around the world. It's sad. We need to change, NOW. Stop All type of violance and hate!

Daniela M (it) wrote: Hats down to every unselfish, brave person. Huge respect.!!!

Nashin R (fr) wrote: It was entertaining. The story is very impressive however the presentation was ok. It could've been better. Loved John Abraham. He did an impressive job in the movie

Isabelle R (de) wrote: Vraiment intressant et original comme film.

Craig W (ru) wrote: Thought this was crap.

Sterlin R (br) wrote: With horrible acting, bad story, and disgusting CGI, "Spy Kids" is a silly excuse for a kids movie.

Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: 87%Watched this on 13/5/15Cruel intentions is way too good than the senseless romantic shits like Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey that they make nowadays thanks much to it's themes, a hefty pace and a strong background score. It doesn't feel like your average romantic film because it's leads are antagonists and that adds sufficient mystery to it. The acting involved is good or modest at times, also the ending is good.

Alex P (gb) wrote: i found this movie qute, funny, and interesting, yes it was cheasy but it was fun to watch

Karsh D (ag) wrote: The series continues its downward spiral with this pathetic nonsense. Amazingly they scraped together 2more sequels out of this.

Andrew N (gb) wrote: Fantastic sci-fi idea and execution, with great acting from lead Bruce Dern.

Nikolas G (jp) wrote: this is an amazing film of Greek cinema . Filmed , during the military dictatory , has as theme the love between a soldier and the local hooker...the music by Manos Loizos is classic anymore

John B (ag) wrote: Pidgeon and Garson get together often in films. This is their depiction of the Curies with Madame Curie as the more famous of the two. This is only a very passable biopic though. It's nice to know the story but it really needs some additional life.

Benjamin W (ca) wrote: While a semi-predictable, "prodigal son" story weaved into your standard romance, the cinematography makes it an enthralling story that covers a lot of ground.

Leland B (au) wrote: I'd say this was like watching paint dry, but that would be an insult to paint. People who compared it to Wendy and Lucy should hang their heads in shame. Wendy and Lucy is a real film. This is just meandering nonsense. At just over 70 minutes, it feels like 4 hours.

Wiebke K (gb) wrote: Not as good as I had hoped for -- not enough heist, too complicated at times, trying to do too much.

Carl G (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this very much. exciting and intriguing with some humor and some light romance. wasn't overly predictable. worth seeing.