Dneprovskiy rubezh

Dneprovskiy rubezh

The basis for the plot of the film "Dnieper line" was a real historical event - the heroic defense of Mogilev. The action takes place in the Great Patriotic War, when troops of the German fascist invaders swiftly moving through the territory of the Soviet Union. Units guarding the border Dnieper abroad, ordered - to make the city impregnable fortress. intertwined fates of the heroes soundtrack unexpected encounters and tragic parting ... Zoe meets Sintsov surrounded by the Germans in the city, his first love ... The Divisional Commander, who understands all the doom situation in which the defenders were Dnipro turn, makes every effort to keep the offensive. Mogilev - the same as the Brest Fortress, only to enormous proportions. Force civilians and soldiers of the Red Army offensive the Germans were stopped here for three weeks.

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Anca L (fr) wrote: A must see, for our inner young heart...

Brad P (nl) wrote: It's about a girl who shits her pants!

Jacob M (fr) wrote: Begins with promise, but then falls into a predictable and pointless mess. I actually started liking this movie because of the protagonist. That's me right there, except not as anti-social and weird. I'm the guy people come to for movie recommendations and I'm the guy that pulls out the obscure directors and even screenwriters. I know most of the Best Picture winners of for sure the past forty years, and I can tell you a good amount of the nominees. I watch at least three movies a week and have seen more movies than the average person twice my age. I know the trivia, I love talking about movies, and I know film, and the beginning of this movie really showed that interesting and unique obsession. But then once the love interest comes into play, it becomes a predictable and completely stupid story that you can already tell where it's headed. I really thought I would enjoy this one.

Joey P (ca) wrote: So few movies get the south right. This one does.

Leena S (us) wrote: Also this film has a scene of Fanny Ardant walking in the streets of Paris. She does nice job as Callas but script is not super convincing.

Erik G (ru) wrote: In the world's most dysfunctional mob family Corky Romano is the family black sheep and a naive yet aspiring veterinarian. The Romanos know that they've been betrayed by a secret FBI informant within their ranks and decided to recruit Corky to go under cover and snatch any and all of the evidence that would put his cranky father in jail. Once Corky is working as a super undercover, his idiotic ways accidentally spark a reputation that he must live up to even though his fellow agents envy him.Directed by Rob Pritts, 'Corky Romano' features very good acting performances from the following cast:1.) Chris Kattan (Corky)2.) Peter Berg (Paulie)3.) Chris Penn (Peter)4.) Vinessa Shaw (Agent Kate Russo)For a long time I had no idea 'Corky Romano' is about a Mafia family and wanting to clear a name from crime, but I can remember a few scenes that I saw on TV including one with the lead character working as a vet. I find that pretty cool, huh? Coming all the way from SNL is Chris Kattan doing a very good acting performance that was so bumbling that I can see him as funny. Even his job going undercover is funny: Pun is intended for his assumed name "Pissant", which is actually pronounced as "PEEZ-awnt". I liked the scene when Pissant approaches a gang which I find it so hilarious! As I'm thinking if there's anything great that I liked what is technically produced here, the movie is somewhat entertaining.

Robyn M (ca) wrote: Murphy's curse of sequels continues to taint and haunt him.

Art S (ag) wrote: For pure nostalgia value and easy on the brain action, nothing beats Basil Rathbone as Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Watson. This episode, which sees the sleuth come to DC to retrieve a missing bit of microfilm (a MacGuffin in Hitchcock's parlance), is a bit more ripsnorting than most - or perhaps it almost seems that Rathbone is having more fun (and even winking at the audience a few times to let us in on the joke). The usual band of character actors from the series are here and they do an effective job. However, no one is going to mistake this genre film for a piece of art. But works great as a salve.

Arry F (us) wrote: Never get tired of watching this and I've seen it over 100 by now