Do Fish Do It?

Do Fish Do It?

16-year old Jan is absent-mindedly strolling through the streets when he's run over by roller-skating Nina. As fast as she has stormed into his life, however, she rushes off again. Nina is 15 years old and full of crazy ideas. She lives together with her brother, her father and his new girlfriend. Her mother isn't in touch much. That's why there is the unconventional Angel whose own daughter disappeared years ago and who is Nina's best friend and substitute mother.

"What does your paradise look like, then?" - "Dark. Quiet. Wet. And full of fish." Jan likes Shakespeare, water and fish. Nina likes roller-skates, cars and brightly dyed hair. Jan loves ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tami G (gb) wrote: Wow... if you need a cathartic cry, as well as food for thought, then this is the movie for you. It showcases both the good and bad in America- as well as the American people. You can't help but wonder "what would I do" ... and as you watch the stories unfold, you quickly come to realize that the answer isn't as easy as you might think. Two thumbs up~!

Remi C (de) wrote: scary nothing beats the original because nobody was prepared for it i was shit scared when i was a kid for years

David M (es) wrote: With Asylum in the title you'd expect something deranged, absurd & shocking. However this film got lost somewhere between a gothic romance & suspenseful insane thriller. It does a seriously good job of keeping you torn between mental patient "Dr. Lamb" with his carefree methods vs. imprisoned-real-doctor Dr. Salt & his barbaric early Victorian practices. Also the twist at the end was surprising enough to merit a positive review however I can totally understand why many are saying it's an "insipid disappointment".

Brandon W (de) wrote: The Way Way Back is the directorial debut of Nat Faxon and Jim Rash who wrote this and The Descendants, and it stars Liam James, Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Sam Rockwell, Allison Janney, Maya Rudolph, and AnnaSophia Robb in a coming-of-age film about a kid and his family going to a summer home and spend time with the family's friends and meeting new friends, even though Duncan (Liam James) didn't want to be there and the mom's boyfriend is a total jerk. It had been years since I've watched the film, and I remember liking it a lot from it, which the trailers for it doesn't show the full potential that the film have. I haven't seen Liam James in any film, which I also haven't seen Steve Carell act like a jerk to the mother's son while being a bit supportive to the mother, and they both were really good in this. Toni Collette is good in this, Allison Janney is having fun acting like a blunt drunk, and for Sam Rockwell, he honestly stole the show. He's having a lot of fun of what he usually does, he brings a lot of energy to the film, and he dances in this, which is always a delight to watch. The movie knows to bring a lot of positive moments, while also putting in serious parts in here that doesn't make it sappy. It has an amount of humor and charm into it that makes the film enjoyable to watch, and with a well written script, has memorable characters that are relevant, and talks with real dialogue that is interesting to listen to. Stuff like this and Perks of Being a Wallflower are the kind of coming-of-age films that are top notch, and has that kind of replay-ability that I'll never get tired of watching it again and still get a smile out of me.

Matthew M (it) wrote: There is an important lesson to be learned from Coffin Rock - Never ever trust an Irishman. He will stalk you, impregnate you, kidnap you, beat you, bite you, and then attempt to kill you. There is an argument this film is void of tension and scares. That is probably true. But what it lacks in that department it more than makes up for in sheer weirdness. And I actually liked it quite a bit.

bradjstapleton (gb) wrote: another movie better than the more recent beowulf movie

madhu m (jp) wrote: its a good film in telugu industry

Jill A (mx) wrote: fantastic, extremely moving and eye-opening.

Alex K (ca) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Joseph A (ca) wrote: bizarre and completely lacking in intelligent qualities. may be entertaining nonetheless

David D (jp) wrote: A tragic story that very realistically depicts what it is like to be young, male, and a ghetto dweller. A superbly written, very well acted, and powerfully directed and photographed movie.

William W (ca) wrote: Another strong entry to the fine samurai series. At the beginning's a hilarious moment in which it's discovered he's also quite good at sumo wrestling, by defeating five opponents. He finds there's now a price on his head from past exploits and misunderstandings, and his battle for love and peace still goes painfully unfulfilled. Beautifully scored, shot, acted and directed, and very highly recommended.