Do I Love You?

Do I Love You?

'Do I Love You?' is a romantic philosophical comedy about life and the questions it throws at you.

'Do I Love You?' is a romantic philosophical comedy about life and the questions it throws at you. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike S (ru) wrote: Mike is a 30-year-old male stripper who dreams of owning his own business making custom furniture. He takes as an apprentice a 19-year-old man, Adam, who can't hold down any other job. As Adam is beguiled by the easy money, drugs, and women, Mike starts to realize his stripper job is holding him back. Channing Tatum gives a very good performance as Mike, trying to protect Adam from the more insidious aspects of the stripper life and realizing that the allure is just too strong, even for Mike himself. The film has an interesting visual style; all the exterior scenes are filmed through a yellow filter, making the outdoors look flat and washed out. The dance club scenes, by contrast, are extremely vivid in their lights and colours. The film doesn't exactly condemn the stripper ethos, but it does show it as incompatible with our nobler instincts.

Henrik N (jp) wrote: An interesting documentary abouth free speech and democracy, not about Michael Moore and Sean Hannity even though they are on the cover.


Daniel C (au) wrote: Fun for children, though generally the same as the first.

Billiam H (es) wrote: Nothing special, but still a fun find for those willing to just watch a silly movie and swallow the fact it stars Howie Mandel.

Anna L (de) wrote: This is what soap opera should be like.

Michael C (au) wrote: I can't believe more people didn't like this movie. It was a very intelligent horror movie, with some cool ideas I have never seen explored before. I would tell them but don't want to spoil the movie. There was probably 15 minutes at the begging the was buildup, which some people might find boring, but all good horror movies have that. Maybe some of the reviewers only saw the start of the movie? But once it kicked into gear, it was truly scary and had me on the edge of my seat....and there are plenty of scares, believe me. Much better than the well reviewed "The Witch", which was a true bore.

Luciano G (us) wrote: OK ending, but bad story telling ruined the experience well before that.....

Jacob N (au) wrote: I love Ed Norton but this sucked. Way to slow and not engaging.

Solomon G (ag) wrote: I went into it blind so I didn't know what to expect. I mistakenly thought it might be boring or depressing, but it was quite the entertaining film.

Revolver O (de) wrote: Definately a product of its time but taking off the nostalgia glasses I have to say that not much happens in the movie, its not even as funny as I felt it was watching it as a 13-14 year old back then.Nowadays its hard to find an audience for that movie , the people who watched it as teenagers when it was new have experienced more crazy and exciting sexual encounters by now and for teenagers nowadays the movie will look very dated, but it still delivers on its charm and worthy to check out.