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Do Matwale


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John P (ru) wrote: Good low budget british movie. Was abit tense. Kept you thinking what the hell it was out there killing people.

mark s (nl) wrote: Very nice effects, quite scary, gory, freaky and very surreal. I loved the idea of experiments going wrong in movies so this was right up my street. Very nice soundtrack, acting and scrpt. An all round entertaining B movie was high teck CGI and Blood effects.

Tim W (it) wrote: This is state-of-art Almodovar. Highly imaginative story, vivid charactors, great art direction and performance throughout.

Eric H (de) wrote: I thought this little sequel was fun. It does supply the gore one expects from the HELLRAISER franchise, but delivers quite an unsettling story that develops along nicely..well, for me at least. I know quite a few who hate it, but I have to say I dug it.

Ethan H (ca) wrote: Chevy definitely is the master of comedy. Here is another go and ends up being a pretty enjoyable movie. Carpenter uses special effects and great character actors in this contemporary love with odds comedy.

Joaqun S (ca) wrote: La fotografa es realmente perfecta, el uso de la simetra, el color, el contraste as como de los puntos de fuga hacen que el diseo visual de toda la pelcula sea realmente asombroso. Aqu te das cuenta cuando un director de fotografa tiene una propuesta bien planteada y cuida su plano a ms no poder.

Mary Jane S (ag) wrote: best movie ever own it.

Carey M (ru) wrote: Little known 80s movie that is actually pretty entertaining.

jaime f (it) wrote: it wasn't as good as the first one but it was still very good, the plot was equally stunning

Santiago C (us) wrote: suspenseful and a great stephen king adaptation but truly aint so interesting and sometime anti-climatic but a true scary movie

Leah L (br) wrote: I hadn't ever heard of this movie until a friend recommended it this weekend. It's a dark comedy that's frighteningly relevant.

andrew c (jp) wrote: That girl be stylin! Shelly Winters was wild, too!

Mark G (nl) wrote: Not the best, but not the worst. The worst use of stock footage thou. But the best as in Frankie Howard who mugs it terribly throughout, but you don't want subtle in a Carry on, probably totally un pc, but hell who cares. Worth a chuckle.

Doug R (fr) wrote: Red Planet Mars started off as a pretty cool example of early 50's SF. Unfortunately, about half-way through it degenerated into a pious, Christian goody-goody preach-fest. A characteristic unfortunately often found in other early 50's Hollywood offerings.I have to admit, the transition from SF schlock to religious preachy schlock was so unexpected that I continued to watch for a few more minutes in the hopes that it was just a phase the director was temporarily going through.Sadly, that was not the case. Fast-forwarding through the remaining 1/2 of the movie only confirmed that "Red Planet Mars" was merely another sad example of the 50's interpretation of our American Puritan heritage.

Katelyn E (ru) wrote: It's not a great movie but it actually have a few lines where I was like "damn, my heart" and it kind of got me emotional not gonna lie. But it was hard for me to actually pay attention the entire way through.