Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

"Doris Day continues her reign as America's sweetheart" (Motion Picture Herald) in this "bright, colorful comedy of marital misunderstanding" (The Film Daily). Co-starring Rod Taylor (The Glass Bottom Boat) and featuring whip-smart dialogue, a hilarious plot, sumptuous locales and costumes and the song "Au Revoir Is Goodbye With a Smile," Do Not Disturb is a delightful romp from start to finish! What's a devoted wife to do when her husband spends more time "working" with his sexy secretary than helping her with their new home? For Janet Taylor (Day), an American who has relocated to England with her executive husband Mike (Taylor), there's only one solution - make him jealous by inventing an admirer. But as soon as Janet creates her make-believe Romeo, a real suitor arrives, whisks Janet off to Paris, wines and dines her...and comes face-to-face with an insanely irate Mike!

American couple Mike and Janet Harper move to England for Mike's work, his company which deals in wool textiles and wool fashions. Despite Mike's want for them to live in a flat in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff H (gb) wrote: Part bio-pic and part car movie about Eric Banna. Banna has some serious man love for his Falcon XB Coup, an old muscle car popular in Austrialia due to Mad Max. He starts to enter rally races with his childhood car, and some of the racing sceens are great. We also get a little insight into Eric Banna's life. Its a good movie for car people.

Camille M (kr) wrote: Charming & quirky with enough rough edges and weird rough edges of messed-up humanity to keep me happy. Funny without being too funny; a little self-conscious on the Irishness, maybe (who knows? I'm not Irish), but definitely enjoyable.

Dave M (us) wrote: worst movie of all time

Matthew C (mx) wrote: This is one of those movies where each part, when taken by itself works, but when put together in a whole just doesn't quite do the trick. Mostly, Dan Aykroyd's 'crazy' performance is just annoying. In a different film, it might have been funny, but it was more jarring than anything. Still, it all makes for one of those weird, uneven 80s films that's part comedy, part grim action film. The crazy plot involving neo-Nazis and pornographers is pretty wacky. Certainly worth seeing once, but it's not making my list of favorites.

Jason J (kr) wrote: Not a patch on the original but still a worthwhile flick to watch on a Sunday afternoon.

Hannah D (de) wrote: A cartoonishly cool cop after a cartoonishly evil villian. Some seriously questionable messages

Gregory W (ag) wrote: good stuff just love gabin he was the first gerard depardeau.

Ben H (de) wrote: actually not all bad