Do Ustad

Do Ustad

Two rival career-criminal brothers recollect their lives in a Courtroom in which one is about to be convicted for murder.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Hindi,Gujarati,Urdu,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Two rival career-criminal brothers recollect their lives in a Courtroom in which one is about to be convicted for murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JT K (de) wrote: Based on the novel of the same name (seriously??), this European-American co-production is lacking in logic or skill but manages to be marginally entertaining based on its sheer ludicrous-ness and gratuitous splatter scenes. Blatantly rote in story but that's actually part of its minor as it may be,

Max D (mx) wrote: Saw it being filmed in Cornwall. The scenic backgrounds weren't there as a crutch to a weak storyline, they supported an engaging and tragic tale with excellent cinematography.

Drew E (de) wrote: Absolutely one of the most boring starts to any movie I've watched in the last 5 years. I turned it off 15 minutes in best I lost all interest.

Waleed A (ru) wrote: beastly movie, weighted a little less on the story side and more on the action side. cool to see a different aspect where humans are heavily involved after they find out about the two species. lots of amazing scenes and memorable parts (4 viewings)

Red L (nl) wrote: A made-for-TV whodunit. It is always fun to try and figure out who the killer will be before the movie tells you

Sumanjit R (mx) wrote: Funny, feel-good Bro movie.

Gregory M (us) wrote: I am slightly disappointed by the French cinema this time. I mean it usually knows how to deal stuff like that, it's one of my favorite European cinemas, yet this time I think they didn't know how to correctly deal with the plot and the story they wanted to tell. It is an extremely progressive movie with a really difficult main theme, but honestly some choices and turns in the script manage to ruin the whole atmosphere and leave you wondering which of the people do tou root for. Suddenly more than one central stories appear on screen and you just don't know for whom to root for. Not the best in the genre and definitely not the best of French cinema.

Andi H (us) wrote: It took at least half an hour for this movie to make any sense, it did not set up the main character to be liked at all and was basically just a waste of a lot of good actors.

Yasemin P (au) wrote: The plot was superb, the animation made me cry tears of love, but the backgrounds... I'm not sure how to explain the amount of detail this movie contains. Studio Ghibli was employed to help in the backgrounds of this film, and it shows. Details from Istanbul you'd have to live there to catch- The sky line, the mosques, I even recognise some of the graffiti. Pieces of India, Tokyo... Treasure city is an amazing creation, obviously made upon months of research. Truly a masterpiece.

Melissa W (kr) wrote: Disturbing but engaging.

Chandler B (jp) wrote: An artfully crafted mess. I can't say why I liked it, but I did

Michael L (it) wrote: all shredders must see this

Linda O (gb) wrote: A bit interesting as the film was done in Sweden in the 70s. Janne "Loffe" Carlsson is seen in the film - playing the drum. A few moments of fun, but I must say I thought the film was very boring.

Craig Dylan W (kr) wrote: Fun film to watch with friends for a light hearted late October evening. Pam Grier is a legend and this performance as a voodoo priestess shows why. American Horror Story: Coven could take a few pointers from her.

Bjorn O (jp) wrote: Alla gillar den hr filmen.

Andrew S (br) wrote: Story moved along slowly in the beginning, but it got better as it unfolded.

katherine j (de) wrote: This is my absolute favourite movie of all time! I love movies, I watch a new movie at the theatre every week. This one is so original and a nice modern fresh twist to a romance story with some action. 10/10 would recommend

Justin S (gb) wrote: In Japan, Went downhill a little toward end, shootouts are terrible, some effects good/bad. Shows spectre dude