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DOA torrent reviews

Ian T (us) wrote: Really enjoyed this even if some of the politics seems a bit simplistic or reactionary. I loved the way it blended a hundred or so years.

Alex B (au) wrote: It's a good film (about denial as much as anything else), a good account of its subject-matter, not at all heavy-handed (perhaps even rather too subtle/mysterious). But I don't really feel sorry for anyone trying to run a business (i.e. exploiting labor), not even (or especially not, depending on the circumstances) during a civil war or revolution, and certainly not a white European kulak in Africa (even a strong woman). Compare with Brecht's play Mother Courage, or Apocalypse Now.

Aleksandar S (ag) wrote: This is an excellent pro-Science film that exposes the rotten underpinnings of the blase' mentality poisoning the otherwise sagging education system of America and England. This film by an eminent Jewish intellect is very, very philosophical and very thought-provoking, and dynamic and well produced and well shot.... tinged with humour, and a healthy analogy between the conflict of Worldviews in Science and the the conflict of Worldviews in Politics of the Cold War.The backdrop of this Atheism-vs-Creationism Manichaean duality reveals the shallow, personal flaws and personality-of-the-speaker-colored interpretation of what science is - by these self-important and self-serving 'minds' of darwinian Biology and its liberal minions in various institutes and various academic groups, the bouncers for a political-qua-scientific club behind a devastating agenda which started with the materialism of 19th century economic success of England ... a trend that spawned several devastating ideologies for the mobs and masses (the gallery of rogues behind these ideologies is abundant, Marx, Malthus, Darwin, Huxley, Spencer, Houston Stewart Chamberlain).Richard Dawkins is a classical British intellectual tyrant who made a virtue out of shallow thought & feeling. His make-up work leading up to the interview with Ben Stein tells all for those who can see it.

Kym C (mx) wrote: this will be one of my classic Christmas movies.

walter b (ag) wrote: Read the list of actors and thought was in for a good movie. WRONG!!!!! I'm shocked anyone from this movie went on to other projects. #worstmovie

Art S (de) wrote: Late Antonioni that builds suspense through carefully placed plot elements taken from thrillers (a vague threat to stay away from a new girlfriend, a suspicious person watching the apartment from the street) but then nothing happens. This is Antonioni after all. Tomas Milian plays Niccolo, a film director who has just gotten divorced and is romancing (and having rather explicit sex scenes with) a much younger woman from a wealthier social set. The title might be better as "Investigation of a Woman" because Niccolo spends much of his time trying to find out more about her and who might be warding him off from her. One night they get lost in the fog while driving to the country -- they literally lose each other when they exit the car (a classic Antonioni scene) -- and their relationship ends. She disappears. He takes up with someone else, although his investigation seems to continue. He may or may not be interested enough to marry this new girl, especially when things grow complicated. His intention to direct a film about a woman (who he has yet to identify) dissipates in favour of something else, something detached even from Earth. Not prime Antonioni but worth your time after you've watched the famous ones.

peter t (nl) wrote: Probably my favourite Fulci film, City of the Living Dead is a very stylistic atmospheric horror that really works. It's weird, a bit like the beyond, but seems easier to follow and is far superior in my opinion

Mayank F (nl) wrote: anand restored my faith in old movies that may support overacting but are never meant to mislead u in any way.

Kim S (ca) wrote: 1966 Christopher Lee definitely worked that Drac vibe!

(gb) wrote: "I have actually (when I was 20/21) been a roomate to a single mother and a single father. Yep, at the same time. She was my bestie and he was her cousin. Odd little family we were. So I've seen how hard; and I know how hard, it is to be a single parent, being young, and having to work. It's scary. I felt especially bad for Kim. Having no family to count on, I can't imagine. I also felt for her roomies, Deena and Laura. It is not easy being a roomate to someone with kids. You can't be free to do whatever whenever when you share a house with kids. Although they (the parents) had to grow up fast, it also makes you grow up right with them. Kim is a single mom just trying to do her best and feeling trapped while everyone around her is moving forward. The story iteself was OK. I liked the characters. I thought the acting was good and the movie had it's funny moments. The movie is basically about making choices, dealing with the consequences, and in the end, growing up and moving on. Not sure if it's a movie I would watch again. But not one I would turn off if I seen it playing on T.V. Worth seeing at least once."

Chris J (au) wrote: OOOOOOOOOOOOklahoma!

Lee V (us) wrote: I watched half of this then fell asleep. Maybe if I stayed awake I would have liked it more?

Alex r (de) wrote: Good war that is a bit too short, The Patrol manages to be quite effective in its short run with some pretty good performances, tense war scenes and good drama. I enjoyed the film for what it was, but it could also have been longer as we never do see any British war films, and personally I feel that we need a lot more because, they have some interesting topics to tell on film, especially when it comes to war films. The cast do a fine job here and each actor brings something unique to the screen, and the characters are quite interesting. The film has some riveting moments, with a good dose of drama and it shows the toll of war on the soldiers serving. The film isn't perfect, but it's quite a good war film for what it tries to do, and if you enjoy a war film with well written characters, good action scenes and tense drama, then this film is worth seeing. War films are often hard to pull off, but with The Patrol, even if it's not perfect, it shows what warfare is like, and makes the viewer appreciate what soldiers do. There are better war films out there, but The Patrol is a good effort that deserves to be seen for its tense war scenes, good performances and riveting direction. The Patrol delivers a good hour and a half of tense storytelling and effective action to delight genre fans, and thought it doesn't break new ground, it's one of the better war pictures to come out in quite some time.

Leong C (ag) wrote: Sociology majors might find this interesting....