Ranbir (Jackie Shroff) is a successful writer, and happily married to Anjali (Mahima Chaudhry). But when his schizophrenic ex (Raveena Tandon) shows up out of the blue, tells him he has a son living in Goa, and hints that Anjali is cheating on him, his happy life is turned upside down.

Ranbir (Jackie Shroff) is a successful writer, and happily married to Anjali (Mahima Chaudhry). But when his schizophrenic ex (Raveena Tandon) shows up out of the blue, tells him he has a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arsene L (mx) wrote: This is a life-changing film. My perception of contemporary geo-politics changed abruptly after I'd seen it, because I realised that I'd been believing a lie for a decade. The film presents a well-argued case for one of the worst crimes in history having been committed with the prior knowledge and connivance of the American government. If taken seriously - and it's difficult not to - this film will open your eyes to the extent of the criminal behavior of elements in the US administration and their clients and colleagues throughout the world. No-one can fail to be outraged at the thought of savage wars waged for economic reasons; but when you think that the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq were triggered by the cynical murder of almost 3000 innocent people, the blood boils.The film's logic is inexorable and the synthesis of news footage, graphics and voice-over is completely convincing.

Tera S (br) wrote: this movie is phenomenal

Sam E (br) wrote: my women....caroline d amore

Michael P (nl) wrote: This film could've been great! An interesting look for a WW2 film. I loved the Italian town and other themes too. Sadly I'm amongst the few people that will be able to see what good is in this film. To the mass public it'll just crash and burn like Spike's anti-white message. Spike is too much of a racist and it clearly got in the way here.

Alberto Z (gb) wrote: To me the idea of showing the inner struggle of an hermaphrodite with profound respect was a First. I never saw a movie treating this theme before (And never in a Hollywood product!!).Not only his/her struggle, but both his/hers parents. His/hers parents lived 15 years (the child's present age as shown in the movie) of sheer torment. What could they do about the problem? Where could they go to talk about it without raising eyebrows? - the world can be terribly cruel with anyone "different".That's why for me have an special touch...

Ange H (ru) wrote: I thought this was a really lovely tale.

Robert B (us) wrote: A Hell of a lot better than most of the stuff out there. It doesn't need to be time specific. All the actors are A+ and Lucy Liu is cute as a button.

Leon B (au) wrote: At Close Range is one of them movies that uses the old scenario of people drinking out of beer cans, and having dinner with 4 people around the table, talking about things should be in some circumstances. The movie works. It is by far one of my favorite movies of 1986.

Donald W (ca) wrote: In this movie Raquel Welch gets to play a less glamorous role. She plays a Roller Derby queen and a single mom. Roller Derby is a made for TV sport that copied Professional Wrestling. I remember watching Roller Derby on TV one time on a Saturday afternoon. I couldn't figure out what was going on then and after watching this movie I still don't know what the rules are. It was just an excuse for staging cat fights between the female skaters. The story in this movie is just a soap opera behind the scenes of a Roller Derby team. Raquel Welch plays K.C. the good looking member of a Roller Derby team. After she is traded from Kansas City to Portland she allows a sleazy team owner to make some moves on her and then she plays innocent when her teammates blame her for every move the owner makes that they don't like. She gets in a rivalry with the former star of the team who is an alcoholic and she befriends a big dumb jock who is the team villain. They show how everything is planned ahead before the matches and it's all just to get the crowd and the TV audience emotionally connected to the team. This movie was made just before the Disco era in the 1970's and polyester outfits where the latest thing. The only reason to watch the movie is to watch the skating that is OK when the stunt women are doing it, but kind of slow when Raquel and the other actresses are on screen. You can tell when it's the stunt women because their hair is over their faces while they are fighting or skating. It's also pretty good when the real Roller Derby skaters are allowed to do their thing. Roller Derby didn't last long. There was a TV sitcom for one season in the late 1970's based on this movie but then in the 1980's Professional Wrestling took off on cable TV and the audience for fake sports left Roller Derby behind. There have been some recent attempts to revive it by with amateur skaters but there's no money behind it. I couldn't tell if this movie was making fun of the working class people who followed Roller Derby or if they were trying to appeal to them. It looked like they used real Roller Derby fans for the crowd scenes but they seemed to like to use shots of the most red necked stupid looking fans to zoom in on. They even had a scene where the fans threw pop and food at a skater they didn't like.

Jill R (jp) wrote: Ok I know this isn't great but I had a ton of fun with this movie sure it had a outrageously dumb premise but I enjoyed it it had funny moments it had very stupid moments a dimwitted enjoyable comedy you have to turn your brain off to enjoy pure harmless fun a definition of a guilty pleasureGrade B-

Robert S (de) wrote: One of my childhood favorites a timeless classic.

Andrew B (es) wrote: As soon as I saw Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep I was immediately in. I really did not care about what the movie was about, I just knew that two of my favorite actors were in it, and I wanted to see it. Thrown in a good acting job by Amy Adams (who I normally think is a bit overrated) and we have a really good movie. The description of the movie will pretty much sum it up in a nutshell about what it is about. A nun who is convinced the parish Priest is being a little too friendly with certain boys at the school, particularly one boy. And the title really sums this film up. Doubt, the entire movie you feel like she is right in her suspicsion, but then again, is she ? Or is she just some old school nun who is looking, for the lack of a better term, to bust balls and be a nag. You decide for yourself. A good story with incredible acting and we end up with a really compelling movie. Viola Davis makes a very short appearance in the movie. Her small appearance was so powerful that she was nominated for an Oscar for her 10 minute scene portraying the mother of the little boy in question.