Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

In the Fabulous Thirties, Doc Savage and his five Amazing Adventurers are sucked into the mystery of Doc's father disappearing in the wilds of South America. The maniacal Captain Seas tries to thwart them at every turn as they travel to the country of Hidalgo to investigate Doc's father's death and uncover a vast horde of Incan gold.

Doc and the Amazing Five battle Captain Seas and "the green death" for control of a fabulous resource. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze torrent reviews

Deena D (ru) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen!!! What the hell was the message behind the movie??? NOTHING...I just wasted 1.5 hrs!

Tory F (br) wrote: Worst horror movie ever, enough said.

Jason T (nl) wrote: A cute little romance that had some good performances from Elliot Gould and Sara Rue. Starts off slow and some of the supporting performances were not as good but it had a cute, likeable story. A cute little indie movie that was fun to watch.

Juanpatrick M (us) wrote: oba ainda bem que eu j vi esse filme . E ele muito bom .... mas tambm no [Cartoon network ]no d dele j assim em trs d adolescente assim no. Mas tem um adolescente que o supremacia aliengena ,fora aliengena e dele pequeno que o Bem 10!!!.

Christian D (nl) wrote: Damn, I love crosswords. This probably biased my rating.

rafael t (us) wrote: one of the best romantic movies ever made... outstanding acting. Darin it's pure talent in everything he does.

Hilary D (au) wrote: My FAVOURITE IMAX of all time!! Absolutely loved this one!

Fawienglish F (us) wrote: hope its better than tht first one

Andrew K (au) wrote: The acting is pretty ordinary, the action is laughably bad and the mix of accents is hilarious. However the charm of this film lies in the interesting nature of the subject: a break-out from a death camp. I highly recommend it if you ever have an afternoon free.

Ro G (nl) wrote: No no no, no entiendo porque en los videoclubs no est disponible a la renta, es demasiado de todo. No puedo creer que hasta ayer la vi y gracias a un torrent que me encontr por ah... Super estpida, super chistosa y super gore :o

Mike D (nl) wrote: Fantastic time-warp of a flick

Jim B (br) wrote: Bad acting, bad music, bad plot. I consider myself a pretty free spirited person, but all that flower child, peace not war, hippie crap makes me sick. Most people dont respond to talking, you gotta kick some ass like Billy does. I still kinda liked it, but only for the cheesiness factor.

Victor T (ru) wrote: The 90s was the decade when three, now mayor, filmmakers made their debut: Tarantino with "Reservoir Dogs", Christopher Nolan with "Following" and Darren Aronofsky with "Pi". Max Cohen is an antisocial mathematician who suffers from cluster headaches and paranoia. Max believes that everything that surrounds us follows a numeric pattern. Eventually Max starts to make stock market predictions and analyze mathematic patterns in the Torah, thus earning the attention of Wall Street agents and a group of Hasidic Jews, respectably, who are desperate to learn about Maxs results for their own interest. Normally a directorial debut doesn't show the directors abilities/ambitions due to the limitations that the low budget provides, but that is not Aronofskys case. "Pi" is a greatly executed psychological thriller which counts with a peculiar but intriguing story, a solid performance by Sean Gullette, intriguing ideas, memorable imagery, perfect pacing, a somewhat creepy but beautiful black and white visual style, well executed psychological themes, it completely nails the thriller part without using shootouts or chase scenes but relaying on the protagonists paranoia and mental state, it counts with a memorable soundtrack, ingenious cinematography, and Aronofskys shows his now trademark direction and the potential he has as a filmmaker with his quick montages, extreme close-ups and a fascination about the human psychology."Pi" is an intriguing and memorable thriller thanks to its visual style, Aronofskys perfectionist direction and its themes about obsession and how madness and intelligence, sometimes, go together. A must see if you love or appreciate psychological thrillers.

Stephen C (au) wrote: Fantastic Ozploitation movie which features some stunning visuals due to the fact director Russell Mulcahy worked in music videos before making this debut feature.Gregory Harrison plays Carl Winters the husband of a reporter who goes missing in the Australian outback.The rumour is that she fell down a mine shaft the truth is far more terrifying .She was killed by a giant Wild boar known as a Razorback which is wreaking havoc over a wide area.But Carl has other monsters to be afraid of including the nasty Baker brothers who run a local meat processing factory and have a nice line in leaving unwary visitors for dead in the wilds, and the ruthless hunter Jake Cullen who has a personal score to settle with the beast that took his Grandson.So yes its a piggy Jaws and the beast itself is a bit OTT but thanks to Mulcahy's rock video background and DP Dean Selmer's keen visual eye, the film looks great.Harrison is a bit bland in the lead role, but Bill Kerr is top draw in the Quint From Jaws role as the great white on the whole the film really is a fun ride with loads of good scres along the way

Filippo V (us) wrote: L'incredibile storia vera di questo sfortunato protagonista non poteva essere raccontata in modo migliore, con attori incredibili e scene davvero intense. Nonostante l'et, il film racconta le vicende con uno stampo moderno, grazie ad una sceneggiatura cruda ma sempre adeguata.