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Mike S (fr) wrote: The lord knows how badly I wanted to like this movie, it seemed like a fun concept, light love story and some funny moments; quite a different story. I suffered in 25 minute increments to finish the movie, over multiple sessions while rolling my eyes all along the way.Going into an indie film I understand that it will not be as polished as a big studio film but this wasn't close. The editing was something similar to what I found in film school, jump cut haven, the shot selection was horrible (a director behind the camera worries me), no such concept of composition and no understanding of cinematic language. Almost every scene transition was a fade, roughly 90%, enough where it became a game to try to find the cuts without a fade. The pacing was horrible, mainly due to the ill written story. I found myself questioning who's story was it, why am I watching this scene and how does it progress it along. Characters were introduced in shock and awe fashion, 'oh here, lets add a character in' so there was no character development at all. The main character, Eliza, doesn't have any growth or any challenge, there is no conflict.

Kaleem S (gb) wrote: Really nice movie. Funny entertaining and close to the Indian culture. The mixing if east and west

Catherine R (kr) wrote: Kaneshiro, amazing. As usual.

Film C (de) wrote: this is a cute fun and funny movie that is good to watch, but can drag a bit and get a bit boring in places! Michael J Fox plays a child actor turned talent scout that doesnt really take life seriously and dosnt go to work often but when he comes across a girl who can act he knows hes found the big bucks but she is a petty thief who has issues with telling the truth! Its a light hearted movie that is funny in places and is cute to watch!

Lars L (br) wrote: Essential New Queer Cinema, angry and romantic.

Lina T (mx) wrote: Remarkably engaging with quirky characters and obscure motives against an unglossed backdrop of modern London.

Tanner A (gb) wrote: One thing is for certain, the music is excellent. The plot is pretty strong but so many things work against it, like the completely absurd performance for 'El Pachuco', the bland lighting and photography, and the off-putting set design. The whole "film a play" direction was a terrible way to go, as it ruined the illusion and made the characters seem paper thin.

Rob S (br) wrote: A little bit hammy, quite a bit predictable in its outcome, but you can't look away. Audiences watching in 1963 were probably freaked out by it. Creepy cinematography adds to its charm. Loved the scene with Trent, the black white supremacist.

Johnny D (nl) wrote: 1 title that's on my list.. got to see and every collector should have

Cresswell S (kr) wrote: great sequel to White Lightning. Awesome fight between Reynolds and Jerry Reed who sings the theme song