Docks of New York

Docks of New York

A 1945 East Side Kids comedy, with Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall and their pals pursued by killers seeking a stolen necklace.

Glimpy finds a necklace next to a dead body in an alley. His discovery leads to the gang getting mixed up in murder, intrigue involving a European royal family, and a killer who is after ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marissa T (it) wrote: I rented this movie for a dollar and wish I could get my dollar back. Greg Evigan tries to act like Clint Eastwood in some scenes but it just doesn't work. I tried to take the movie seriously, but the music as well as dialogue timing...felt like it was made in my backyard.

laura b (nl) wrote: Very interesting. Good film

CW R (ag) wrote: This movie was so terrible I only watched the first 15 minutes. terrible acting and pathetic special effects. don't waste your time. Stephen baldwin is the only reason I'm giving this one star.

Bo K (gb) wrote: This is on my radar for sho'

Michael J (nl) wrote: Dad having trouble dealing with middle age, crabby teenage children, supportive wife smarter than husband, zany other family that won't go away - if you liked this formula in the thirty zillion other family road trip comedies you've seen it in, you'll probably like it in this one too. I didn't get bored and turn it off, so at least that says something..

Trinity C (gb) wrote: Mmm....looks hot*drools*Damn...another mess on the carpet.

Bengel W (ag) wrote: John with his film and lighting crew have done a superb job making this one of the best visual delights to hit the camera. Actors lay back and tell the story with discreet passion that places the horse at the centre with them at the head, showing what a real story should be like. The historical sets make a loving backdrop which pours into the story gently. Nibbles: Blueberry Muffins.

Lyndsay C (gb) wrote: Not sure why I like this movie so much...but it's been on of my favorite since I was little

raven (br) wrote: what happened to the other two???

Anthony V (kr) wrote: Nice little tear jerker with Welles and Colbert at the top of their game and little Natalie Wood Stealing every scene she's in. Well written and directed.

Alberto C (mx) wrote: Para entretenerse un buen rato, nada del otro mundo. Al menos le dieron un final realista.

Kyle S (br) wrote: It's not so much that this is a scary movie (although it packs the ominous by the anvil weight); rather, it's psychologically and thematically rich! I love the implied idea that, the surer your grip on the universe - be it in unflappably rational or the absurdly supernatural - the more the very forces you deny ultimately make their presence known and have their way. The "logic/emotion" dichotomy, though obviously well-tread ground, is tread here with remarkable efficiency and expressiveness, and it makes its points more cleverly and sophisticatedly than many of its peers and successors ever managed. Furthermore, it opens with an cheesy/awesome/dated audio-only monologue quite theatrically "casting out evil." It's stuff that would make for a perfect intro sample for a doom metal record, so naturally I was hooked straightaway. Come to think of it, Burn is precisely the sort of horror I envision when I listen to Electric Wizard ... and to that I say, "Right on." It's a fantastic viewing selection for the witching hour (pun fully intended, duh), and it's essential viewing for any fan of horror or anything dark. Get creeped out.

Ren E (it) wrote: A fantastic gangster film. It's only short coming probably being its length. But there is some good talent on display here, especially from Gary Oldman.