Doctor Detroit

Doctor Detroit

A shy but gentle man named Clifford Skridlow is a professor of comparative literature at the financially-strapped fictional Monroe College in Chicago. A chance encounter with four beautiful women at a restaurant changes his life forever.

A pimp (Howard Hesseman) on the run trusts his call girls to a meek professor of literature (Dan Aykroyd), who accepts the challenge. And soon, the professor finds himself enjoying his new occupation on the streets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve K (ru) wrote: Do you find yourself secretly drawn into the autrocity that is reality TV? Do you kinda hate yourself for it? This is for you. "The Truman Show" similarly predicts where our broadcast voyeurism will take us, but "Series 7" has way bigger balls.

Tim M (au) wrote: At its core, "Indecent Proposal" is nothing more than a sappy romance, but the film is engaging nevertheless, and creates characters that we can empathize with.

Matlock Z (de) wrote: Some people just don't understand how a movie about a guy complaining into the camera for an hour-and-a-half could be any good. Well, when that person is Steve Oedekerk (the man who wrote Ace Ventura 1 & 2 and Kung Pow: Enter The Fist) ...there is still some confusion.To clarify, this movie is shot almost entirely in one apartment and could very well have ended up being just any stand up act. Yet, it becomes more than that. The central character, Thane Furrows (Oedekerk) is constantly at the height of frustration, and is being bombarded by minor annoyances as well as cryptic death threats. These increasing inner and outer influences slowly bring his "contents under pressure" to a roiling boil and an eventual breakdown until he finally comes face-to-face with death (Jim Carrey.) Seeing the very limits of Thane's ability to get angry about things like watermelon popsicles, along with the director's ability to keep shots both interesting and effective in one location make for both a strong performance, and a well crafted and hilarious (almost) one man show. Jim Carrey, Fred Willard and Tom Wilson (Biff Tannen from 'Back to the Future') also grace the screen to keep things interesting. One of my favorites and worth a try for anyone who's ever gotten too upset over nothing at all (or at lest gets a kick out of watching other people that do.)

Sam E (us) wrote: I'm a huge superhero fan I loved the supergirl movie. It was a old one but I'm a sucker when it come to superheros. I can wait for the new superman vs batman movie!

Jeremy G (mx) wrote: good flick that started the whole ninja craze.

Sarah G (fr) wrote: The best Die Hard movie because it's unrealistically-realistic.

Shubhra R (ag) wrote: I love this film. A beautiful and robust portrayal of family, and by extension, community, in New York City which has normally been a backdrop for crime, loneliness and neurotic white guys.

Jonathan C (au) wrote: Samuel L. Jackson is his classic Sammy L, but that's not enough to save this intentionally terrible movie. It's no secret it's supposed to be over the top bad, but it is REALLY REALLY awful.

Sunith S (it) wrote: In one word SPECTACULAR!! And definitely one of my favorite film

Ivan G (ru) wrote: A movie from the time when Dani DeVito was a big star... Not as funny as expected.. I don't recommend it