Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Dr. Stephen Strange embarks on a wondrous journey to the heights of a Tibetan mountain, where he seeks healing at the feet of the mysterious Ancient One.

A crippled and embittered doctor travels to a hidden community in Tibet where he learns of his true destiny as the Sorcerer Supreme of his world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Doctor Strange torrent reviews

Alailson B (ag) wrote: O roteiro bem construdo e uma das raras comdias que no apelam para risadas foradas. Alm disso, o elenco est muito bem.

Brandon W (mx) wrote: I'm not much of a fan of Jason Statham's films, but the film that I wanted to see that kind of stands out from his films, is Crank which I was a bit excited to see how insane it can by, and it definitely exceeds my expectations for the good and crazy side. Jason Statham is really good in this, and it's cool to see that even he knows how crazy this film is which then he goes kind of over the top. The plot is ridiculous, but the film knows that and tries to have a lot of fun with it which if it took itself seriously, the film would've failed. The characters are enjoyable to watch, and the action is over the top fun. The movie takes a break for a few moments which is good and would allow the viewers to take a breather. It had a sweet chemistry between Jason Statham and Amy Smart, and even the film goes over the top with the chemistry that brings out a lot of laughs. There never comes a moment that was boring as it brings a lot of good jokes that would get the fans laughing. The villain is pretty funny of how he is basically a whining guy that wants Jason Statham's character to die, and the film gives enough backstory that actually makes me care for the main character. Crank is definitely not for everybody as it can get a bit graphic or just too fast paced for viewers to probably handle, but Crank is surprisingly a great time for fans and non-fans that I actually want to see the sequel, and I want to see more films like this with Jason Statham in it.

Jared S (jp) wrote: This movie is very interesting and it tells very cool native stories from other tribes + trying to keep them live.

Robert R (de) wrote: An indescribably brilliant piece of cinematic storytelling and the first true "Wes Anderson" movie to come out of Wes Anderson. "The Royal Tenenbaums" is high above the audience's heads, but still somehow down to the proverbial earth. It's absolutely hilarious in delivering its quirky eccentricities, but also truly heartbreaking when it pauses for its deep moments of reflection. It's both frustrating and endearing, childish and refined, droll and flavorful, ribald and prudish, etc. - all at once. In the film, one of the superbly well-realized characters aptly states, "I always wanted to be a Tenenbaum." And, simply put, after sitting through the entirety of this piece, so do I.

Tim H (ag) wrote: Love this movie. Its hilarious and a total riot. One of Candy's best.

Chris J (kr) wrote: Lame. If you must watch, see the MST3K episode.

April M (ru) wrote: Cary Grant.. so out of his normal, but ever so great. Rita, god how she sines!