Doctor Who: The Last Day

Doctor Who: The Last Day

A mini-episode featuring a Gallifreyan soldier's first moments on the battlefield via Headcam during the Time War.

First day on the front line? Time to attach a Headcam for a soldier's point-of-view. What could possibly go wrong... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Doctor Who: The Last Day torrent reviews

Jennifer M (jp) wrote: Great Christian movie about standing and fighting for what you believe in.

Spencer S (br) wrote: Like Ted Mosby, Josh Radnor has a lot of thoughts about the pursuit of knowledge, the impetus of young love, and the sanctity of the written word. His dialogue rings like poetry, and his main character reminds us of the wistfulness of Holden Caulfield, the indifference of "The Graduate", and the romanticism of a Pablo Neruda poem. While Radnor wrote and directed very dreamy characters in a realm of stasis that we can all love easily, and grasp at bigger than life issues, there's just something off about this indie darling. We all must have groaned when we learned that the relationship at the crux of the film is between middle aged Radnor and co-ed Zibby (Olsen). While I believe it was handled with delicacy and thoughtfulness, the trope of the older man being quelled by the "manic pixie dream girl" has been done to death. The side story of the former mentor, played by Richard Jenkins, wasn't quite palatable. Jenkins' character serves as an antagonistic benchmark against the rest of the characters, but every time we see him deal with the complexities of remorse it was absolutely boring. The ending did have me swoon, but made me wonder what the point of Jesse's journey was? Was the moral that we shouldn't stay in the past, or possibly was it that we should chase our dreams? Radnor tries to argue for both points and in the end doesn't cover either succinctly. More time on certain relationships and issues would have created a better story.

Rodrigo y (ru) wrote: Bullying does no affect only children, In a Better Wolrd shows another league of bad intentioned people doing their worst, combined with convincing acts. However, Incendies was a better Academy Award contender for best Foreign Film

keiron b (ag) wrote: I love Lynch because he's different but this is so slow and boring, it's not for me, I prefer his other work.

Bee C (ag) wrote: It was something that I could relate too... the innocence of it all, at an age when you only think of purity and the beauty of everything, then you grow up and life taught you lessons the hard way. Fantastic cast and plot.

Syama L (au) wrote: One of d the best sequels of this movie!A fun movie for the young hearts!

Anthony J (ru) wrote: I hade very high hopes for Picnic. I figured since it had William Holden, was nominated for 6 Oscars and (winning 2), that pretty much guarantees an awesome film. Nope! I actually found it pretty dull, filled with annoyingly desperate characters and the same romantic comedy formula we've all seen countless times. William Holden was completely miss cast, he's way too old for this kind of role. The role would have been much better suited for Paul Newman, (who played this kind of role in "The Long hot summer").

Private U (au) wrote: I was really excited when I heard that there was a new Dracula coming out. Alas, this is pretty... um... sucky (no pun intended). It should be called "Made For TV Film with Characters with the Same Name as Those in Bram Stoker's Dracula But With Little Resemblance to the Plot of Said Book" I wouldn't mind if they did that and the changes were positive, but they're just... ???? Marc Warren is the only reason to watch this. His portrayal of Dracula is new and fresh and inspiring.

David T (ag) wrote: I've always been a fan of The Next Generation, but have never gotten into the original Star Trek series. That being said, I just bought the original 6-film blu ray collection, and if this is widely considered to be the slowest, most boring of the entire set, then I'm in for a real treat! I really liked this movie! Sure, it dragged in a couple of spots, but overall I thought it was very well written, acted and directed, and the production was incredible. Personally, I'd much rather watch this than Star Wars: A New Hope. Yeah, I said it. Sue me.

Kate I (fr) wrote: This doc is not conclusive which is a little frustrating. It is interesting for some perfunctory art world drama and weirdos.

Andrey B (it) wrote: Good premise but eventually worsened by flagrant and blatant mistakes in charachters' demeanor and execution in overall.

Kevin M (gb) wrote: An update of this film might do better, but this was far too 80s to take seriously.