The story begins with the AMA's attack on their non-drug providing rivals, the chiropractic profession. Interviews and historical footage expose the AMA's clandestine campaign to eliminate chiropractic services, which culminates in a 15 year legal battle known as the Wilk case. This story, and the following stories of patients seeking or forced into alternative treatments, act as 'a small doorway into a large room'.

An investigation into the "monopoly" of the medical industrial complex and how Americans are viewed as patients. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dwayne S (nl) wrote: It went way off point from the plot but i guess it was a good watch

Adriano B (es) wrote: The wrong Rodriguez directs Scott Adkins and Christian Slater in a derivative flick on a mexican frontier so far away you don't give it a damn. Last Stand is already good enough, leave the wateland wasting your time.

Dale C (nl) wrote: The story is powerful, and will certainly touch the heart of anyone of any faith. I stand in awe of those good folks who had the faith to give everything they had, and everything they were, for the chance to serve the Lord in their own way. Anyone who knows the history of the LDS faith knows what a tenuous and precious thing it was for the early saints to find a place where they could practice their religion without facing severe persecution from others. Prior to the events portrayed in this film, within about a 15 year span, the saints had been driven out of three primary settlements, where they had to leave most everything they owned behind and start over. When they were finally led to the Salt Lake basin as their place of gathering, thousands of saints from all over the world came by any means they had to gather with the saints there. Most made the difficult trek with relative ease (by 1800's standards)--so much so, that many consider the LDS migration to the west to be the most successful pioneer migration in history. There were, however, two handcart companies, the Willie company (portrayed in this film), and the Martin company, who encountered great difficulty in their journey, and due to delays ran very short on food and supplies, and were caught in Wyoming blizzard conditions. This story tells how members of the Willie company relied on their faith for their very survival, and how through their faith, they were able to bring down the powers of Heaven in the form of miracles--without which, the entire camp may well have perished. Very touching and inspiring. Bring your tissues--you'll need them.

Patrick E (it) wrote: Razortooth is the next in a long line of tiny budget creature feature films to be produced for a direct to DVD release and it's one of the worst I have ever seen. Having a tiny budget isn't a precursor for failure, there have been plenty of entertaining no budget creature features in the past, but Razortooth gets absolutely nothing right bar the odd unintentional laugh at how utterly ridiculous it really is.The plot is based in a small southern American town where are a biologist has genetically engineered a group of eels to create a huge super-eel because he has never seen the hundreds of films with this exact plot. He brings a bunch of college interns to the town under the pretense of studying eels but he really intends to use the students to help him track and kill the super-eel due to his nagging conscience. The towns Animal Pest control officer and his sheriff ex-wife must save the day when local residents begin to get killed by an absolutely horrendous looking CG eel with giant teeth and the ability to belch.It's not the derivative plot that makes Razortooth so poor, plenty of films with the exact same plot have turned out at least entertaining, it's the complete ineptitude of everyone involved with the production that make it such horrible mess. Firstly the acting is laughably bad, there are way too many characters in the film with each one being played by what seems like a piece of wood. The effects look like they were done on a commodore 64, why films like this don't try and use practical effects I'll never understand. There are so many plot holes that i lost count, people seem to have terror in their eyes and are too afraid to look behind them despite nobody having any idea of the creatures existence at this point. The camera work is terrible and looks cheaper than your average soap opera. The ending is very predictable, probably because each and every character is so stupid you know exactly what they are going to.I can only assume that the makers tried to make a very cheesy film in the hope it would garner interest among the so-bad-it's-good film lovers but it's just not funny, very boring during the middle section and annoyingly stupid in everything it does. The first 15 minutes are so are decent but once the awful creature shows up it's almost painful to watch. You will get some laughs at how awful it all is which stops Razortooth from getting bottom marks but only watch this if you have a penchant for torturing yourself.Rubbish

James M (ru) wrote: Better than the remake. Brought back some memories. Jason, thought of you

Christopher L (ru) wrote: Aliens with ping-pong ball eyes? No, thanks. What an awful, horrible, terrible, dreadful movie. Boring, stupid and pointless.

Eric B (nl) wrote: Good 60s thriller loosely based on a HP Lovecraft tale ...scared me when I watched it on Creature Double Feature when I was a kid

Daniel P (ru) wrote: An important film that documents WW1 in the air, excellent aerial sequences.

Jacob P (fr) wrote: Two men with powers that can see past and future of peoples will. Hopkins using it for good with the FBI. Let's just say predictable and not his best work. But he sells the hell out of it.