After separating from the father of her son, a young French woman tries to find lodging and a fresh start in L.A. for herself and her son.

A young French woman, separated from her lover, tries to find a lodging in L.A. for herself and her son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenny V (kr) wrote: Andr Gregory is a fascinating man, but you'd never know it from this documentary. Perhaps if his wife, who made this film, didn't feel the need to interject herself as a character of equal importance as her husband this might have worked.

Gryphon C (nl) wrote: Interesting start, but quickly bored me with the one joke premise of there being no point to the movie. The acting was slow and eventually got tortuous. I'm not against creativity, and murderous tires are indeed unique. But when that's all there is, The pros get quickly outweighed by the cons.

AW C (nl) wrote: The concept is great but the execution leaves much to be desired. It's a mixed bag, but what else do you expect from a horror anthology?

Tara M (br) wrote: It wasn't great by any means but Luke and Kevin are two good looking men!

Patrick B (ca) wrote: It's a bland movie about the fifth Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe. The characters aren't that interesting, and the only thing that saves it is the reimagined music from the fill-in Beatles.

Brandon L (au) wrote: I remember this being scarier when I was younger! Worth watching, though. The gore is at an all time high, however the stories could've been told smoother. Each tale had potential that it never lived up to. It did bring me back though and I jumped a few times too! I could just be a softy! Lol!

Riku F (de) wrote: A young mother who lost her job and her little daughter. This is definitely an image for a single mother who has to kept her child and do anything she can do to keep alive. She has to wander to many places to get a better home and job but, everything seems fall apart. She does anything to make their life better but, the result is not as same as she hoped. This is a very good movie criticize problems related to poverty.

Dean H (us) wrote: Enjoyable Gemma spaghetti despite its Americanization. Oh and fuck Tarantino for taking the music.

Edgar C (au) wrote: Spellbinding performances and direction by god Jean-Pierre Melville make of this French masterpiece an exquisite and elegant gem to enjoy to its fullest style. And you thought Ocean's Eleven (2001) and The Town (2010) were the ultimate and coolest crime films ever... 99/100

Gary D (jp) wrote: A really good Cary Grant movie that just misses being one of his great movies. Odd characters and interesting tales in this praise of humanitarianism during the MacArthur era with a Doctor getting involved with an unmarried student.

Jeffrey J (nl) wrote: Despite poor reviews I think Bale did a good job with this different character type. An interesting story...

Eric R (us) wrote: A review coming soon...maybe in the 3rd act. Wait for it, wait for it...