Documenting the Grey Man

Documenting the Grey Man

A ghost hunting expedition goes horribly wrong when the team finds out that an old ghost story is more than legend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandrine A (ca) wrote: some bits were funny. others less. Shame it was focused on Brucey, would have preferred it to be more interested in the other oldies' lives

Tony B (kr) wrote: I was surprised, I really enjoyed this film. The characters, stories, the conversations, etc. were funny, witty and enjoyable.

Fernando E (ru) wrote: Una joya del cine mexicano. Amores Perros nos muestra el lado cruel de la sociedad mexicana, pero a su vez expone el lado ms humano que todos nosotros poseemos como si Irritu nos dijera: "S, todos somos monstruos, pero incluso los monstruos sienten".

Brian G (es) wrote: rewatched this excellent & sad review of a cancer victim's illness & passing, ending on such a sweet note after a harrowing ordeal but not without its brief moments of bitter humor. Brilliantly portrayed by one of England's gt actresses Emma Thompson & well balanced by Audra McDonald's empathetic nurse.

Chelsea O (mx) wrote: A pretty idiotic movie...dat i have unfortunatly seen

Stefano C (de) wrote: Really funny with some peaks of genius! :D

Michael T (ca) wrote: Gloria was crashed out and I decided to watch a film I did not remember from the 80's. Michael Caine, Demi Moore.. how could I go wrong? Easily, I'm afraid. What were they thinking when they made this? It is about an old pervert who hooks up and falls in love with his best friends 20 year old daughter. Nothing funny about this film. Not recommended.

John B (mx) wrote: A rather ordinary film that is vaguely similar to the Erin Brockovich tale but not as compelling. Would work better as a doc.

Joe C (mx) wrote: There's a funny irony in the fact that Rififi was made in Montmartre while American director Jules Dassin, one of Hitchcock's protgs, was on the Hollywood blacklist, as this striking crime-masterpiece has exerted a heavy influence on virtually every Hollywood heist movie since. Dealing with the set-up, execution and fall-out after a diamond-store safe-break in '50s Paris, it may sound conventional, but with a virtuoso near half-hour - the heist itself - playing out with no dialogue or score in near silence, it's anything but. Dassin's noir is an interesting amalgam of the zeal of American films, and the patience of French cinema. It's quiet, clever and wry in a way that 99.9% of American films have never managed to muster. Perhaps it was these dueling influences, but Rififi (French slang for a burly gentleman's show of force) Ushered in an era of elaborately scripted, shiny on the outside/rotten on the inside noirs that, for many, is still the ultimate in hyper stylish gloom.

Kara F (fr) wrote: I truly hope Christopher Paolini never saw his book bashed in with the puttering sword this movie tried to unsheathe.

Mike T J (jp) wrote: I was late to the scene this one so I got to see it apart from all the hype. Add that to the fact that I never watched Scrubs and don't care about either of the main actors and you get a good, not great romcom.

Keith R (kr) wrote: Cute movie...but boring in parts :)