Døden på Oslo S

Døden på Oslo S

A young boy named Pelle falls in love with the drug addict Lena. Then he and his friend Proffen tries to save her from the drugs.

A young boy named Pelle falls in love with the drug addict Lena. Then he and his friend Proffen tries to save her from the drugs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Srgio C (ag) wrote: This is a good movie for both believers and sceptics.

Pakee W (ru) wrote: A film that suprises you with an arguably interesting storyline...but after the mystery is unravelled and the scenes after that that finally leads to the culmination loses its focus and leads to disappointment...

Ash M (jp) wrote: One of the most memorable film I've ever seen.

Harry W (ag) wrote: With my standard for Species films being dropped significantly below the quality of the first two for the sake of the awful Species III, I pretty much just watched Species: The Awakening because it was taking up space on my shelf and I felt a need to let it all end.It almost isn't worth writing a review about Species: The Awakening, but I have to anyway. Essentially, its story is uncreative and cries out as being worse than the quality of the stories in its predecessors which were more than too weak to begin with. When you think the series couldn't sink any lower, it comes out with weaker visual effects, dumber writing and just a sh*tload more stupidity from the depths of the outhouse it was left in.Species: The Awakening attempts to introduce a new concept to the series, but it is so ignorantly handled that without failure it stumbles below the B-Movie stories in its predecessors and ends up being just another forgettable low-budget science fiction television movie. If it didn't have the name Species in it, then it would ever receive the recognition that it had because the entire film is unrelated to the rest of the series, so it's another example of a film sequel with nothing to do with the original but the same title for the sake of hopefully experiencing some success. Unfortunately, with that it ensures that it carries the same lacklustre name as the series. Species would do better as a pornographic series, a series of films about killer sexy aliens as they have sex with men and kill them, but as it is simply a series of crappy low-budget science fiction features, the entertainment value is simply insufficient. Species: The Awakening is No problem longer as sexy as the previous films because it lacks the necessary nudity to have slight entertainment, and has even less blood and gore. So watching Species: The Awakening is not something audiences do. They endure it, as it is below toleration. Of I hadn't made the mistake of purchasing Species: The Awakening, I would have turned it off halfway through. But instead I went through the trouble of sitting through it to the end which is more trouble than making a piece of crap like this with visual effects lesser than the quality of Ed Wood's if he was still making films today. So yeah, it is easy to forget Species: The Awakening, so be willing to forget to watch it.

Alex W (kr) wrote: Great film nerd movie about what its like to get a film into a festival. It features one of the most uncomfortable real moments in any doc. Lots of these filmmakers complaints are BS cause there so emotionally attached to there work. Its gotta be even harder to get this movie into a festival ironically. side note: would it kill any of these filmmakers to wear a shirt with a collar? Try and look somewhat professional.

Shaun S (mx) wrote: Not sure if it was supposed to be - but really funny for being so bad. Plus some of the alien nurses had nice tits!

Jess (it) wrote: Ah, okay. Most of these reviews weren't happy with it, but I sure am. It's so entertaining and I'm surprised about that. Took awhile to get the title though.

Enrique S F (gb) wrote: A masterpiece in every sense. Babel takes place in 4 different places each place has its characters and each character has their conflicts but in general all the characters share a relationship with others, even if some will never get to see throughout the film, that is the great thing in this movie, that we deeply know the history and situation of each character and share a global conflict with the other characters.Review en Espaol:Una obra maestra en todo sentido. Babel se desarrolla en 4 lugares distintos cada lugar tiene a sus personajes y cada personaje tiene sus conflictos pero en general todos los personajes comparten una relacin con los dems, aunque algunos nunca se llegan a ver en toda la pelcula, eso es lo grandioso de esta pelcula, que podemos conocer profundamente la historia y situacin de cada personaje y ademas de compartir un conflicto mundial con los dems personajes.

April R (fr) wrote: Fairly formulaic and predictable adventure.

Zo G (ag) wrote: I want to see it again and ..Alan Rickman rocks.

Mitchell B (nl) wrote: This movie has some of the best fight scenes in all of the Bond movies. Cool story too