Dog Bite Dog

Dog Bite Dog

A young Cambodian man who has been trained to fight for money in his country is hired to kill someone in Hong Kong. He performs the hit and then flees from Hong Kong police, who are wrestling with internal problems of a model cop and his son, who is also on the force and who was told by his dad not to become a police officer. The father goes into a coma after being shot, and internal affairs suspects him of dealing drugs on the side. The assassin then befriends a young girl who is molested and abused by her father. They both plan to get back on a ship to Cambodia but have to get past Hong Kong police, who do everything they can to catch him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:109 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Cantonese,Khmer,Thai,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   police,   chase,  

A Cambodian assassin finds himself on the run from Hong Kong police after completing his assignment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy G (ca) wrote: Ice soldiers is a cheap version of the thing mixed with Universal Soldier. Dominic Purcell is OK on this. C (2013)

Michael B (au) wrote: Disjointed, felt an entire act too long, lacked that magic touch of the original.

Simonti M (es) wrote: nt quite as pathetic as the review ws...;) very predictable n a typical bollywood flck...neil nitin mukesh is rly cute n hot....gud music...a bearable one tym wtch muvee..!!

Jessi H (gb) wrote: I have not been this disappointed in a book adaption since "Inkheart." The film sucked the magic of the storyline Lisa See created in her touching, bittersweet, emotionally charged book. This movie takes history and puts it in the backseat to a modern setting. Why? There is no reason for this. You could do "Snow Flower 2" and have the modern-day parallels in that story. Even Hugh Jackman couldn't save this one for me. There is no emotional connection to the audience. The scenes are so short and clipped that you never become invested with anyone. The book focused on women in 19th Century China. The strength of Snow Flower and Lily's friendship came from their lives' hardships. They had to bind their feet for years, marry someone they had never met, have no value in their households unless they produced sons, they were kept in upstairs rooms and only came out to tend to the men's and household needs. But the women found escape in their friendship. They could share their true feelings to each other. It was a small form of defiance against a world which thought of daughters as just another unworthy mouth to feed. They created their own secret language to write in. The setting of the period was so sad, and yet this friendship shed light to it. The power of this women's language was utterly lost in the movie too, which is a weighty piece of its history.The real emotion of the book came from how society's values eventually tore the women apart. Lily became obsessed with following the rules to get what she wanted. She thought that Snow Flower was not doing her part of pleasing her husband and mother-in-law enough and that is why Snow Flower's life was more difficult, that was why she was beaten by her husband, and that was why her son died during the winter in exile. There was a deep tragedy to this book that not even Shakespeare could have done better. Lily never offered to take Snow Flower and her children in until after her death. Lily did not interfere in the men's world, which included beating their wives. It was an extremely sad accepted part of society at that time and that was Lily's downfall. Snow Flower's heart, on the other hand, always dreamed of more. She always dreamed of soaring free like a bird. Lisa See did a masterful job of writing in the period mindset. It added majesty and tragedy to the story. Lily never learned to value herself, she thought her successes were only by her strict adherence to the way a woman "should" be (obey, obey, obey).This film takes every emotional tie and sucks it out with a modern-day vacuum, clearing away the dust of the past from the stage floor. You cannot feel the depth of the friendship without the setting/context, and this movie takes the circumstances surrounding the women away. This book had so much good story in it. There were so many other characters in the book that the movie forgot about. The screenplay did not need to modernize things. Yet it did and basically found too much story to really connect with the audience. It did not spend time on anything meaningful. You don't need two friendships (modern and historical) building up and falling apart in sequence, you only need the one for this story. This movie truly baffled me. Why would it change the storyline so terribly! It seems to forget the suffering women went through in the past. That was a key element to the book. It does a disservice to its essential message by forgetting the harshness of the world that these laotong endured. Any type of true grit that was in the book was cheaply implied in this movie. There is a scene in the book where you see Snow Flower beaten by her husband after the death of her son. Do I want this in gory details? No. But I don't want to hear meat slappers off screen and fake overdubbed screams. Instead of exploring Snow Flower's despair after the death of her son, the filmmakers cut to a scene of Snow Flower and Lily staring at each other. They stare, stare, stare, draw a little closer, stare... WHAT IS GOING ON? This film wastes valuable time which should have been spent on emotional issues. The film delicately skirts around the difficulties of women in either time period. It focuses solely on two women without showing the realm which creates their circumstances and influences their choices. This film wants a neat clean story without getting its hands too dirty, unfortunately. I was also extremely disappointed in the relationship the movie shows between Lily and her husband. Her husband was kind to her. Instead, they show her being rather snotty to him and him being standoff-ish to her. They were actually rather happy for an arranged marriage. I'm not sure if this was to add a little bitterness to the historical storyline, but it was a disappointment. Then there's Snow Flower who's beaten and who gets the last word about how she knows that her husband loves her and that Lily does not know true love. So we're now defending the wife beater? The film seems to twist it so Lily is the one missing out on love. In the book, she did, but this movie made this point in the completely wrong setting! Don't do it after a woman is beaten by her husband and she's talking about how she knows true love between a man and wife unless you address it again later! What is wrong with you, movie makers? The point was that Snow Flower was crying out for help from her abusive husband and mother-in-law, the death of multiple children (most being stillborn girls), and Lily never learned to listen. That was where a lot of the sadness of the plot came out of. A friend forgetting how to be a friend and instead conforming to the rules everyone else is telling her to fit into. Also, Lily and Snow Flower had boys first, yet the movie gives Lily a girl. Why did they skirt over Snow Flower's girl's deaths and how her husband reacted to it? Why??? The roots of the women in this story is ripped apart. The true heart of the plot was left out to dry. This movie was a HUGE disappointment. I watched each historical scene knowing how it played out in the book and watching how everything about it was changed! Even the first meeting of Snow Flower and Lily was stoic and boring. Snow Flower was talkative and lively in the book. Instead, these girls are dropped down next to each other. What happened to that spark they felt upon their first meeting? In addition, Snow Flower always put her hand on Lily's cheek to calm her at night and reassure her (Lily) that she (Snow Flower) would always be there for her. Lily always thought of herself as too poor and stupid to deserve Snow Flower's friendship and devalued herself. But Snow Flower showed Lily time and time again of her love for her by simple acts like that. It was one of the most touching parts of the book and especially in the scene of the friend's final moment together. This movie missed every special moment in the book. It missed the pressures of society on women, it missed finding love, it missed learning how to accept love for what it is instead of what you expect it to be, it missed out on the strength of women.... too much of the original story was thrown out. If anyone thought this movie was good, read the book. You will see all that you were deprived of! If your attempt is to learn from history's mistakes, don't shove history into short little scenes in between your longer, more boring modern setting. It just did not work in ANY way! Make your own modern film about friendship, and leave this book alone!

Jaime A (nl) wrote: Really gothic horror with strange/creepy storyline.

Guido S (fr) wrote: Based off the real life Domino Harvey, daughter of an actor and fashion model who had a comfortable life laid out for her, but she decided to go her own rebellious route and be a bounty hunter instead. This could have been interesting, but there are a number of things that just bug me about this film. Keira Nightley just isn't that interesting or likable so I don't really care for her characterization of Domino. The story was so choppy and all over the place that it is hard to remain interested. Tony Scott is at his worst in this film with tons of fast cuts and too many added color filters which become way more distracting from what is going on. This is just a mess of a film with a ton of potential.

Rose L (de) wrote: Neo Ned is awesome movie, Jeremy Renner really shows how great of an actor he is.

Duncan K (de) wrote: Dog soldiers is an effective action horror film that makes full use of it's low budget effects, prosthetics, and gore to give us quite an enjoyable movie.

Robyn R (gb) wrote: I didn't really understand this at all, but I still liked it a lot. I guess that's Kurosawa Kiyoshi for you.

Amelia T (us) wrote: A sequel for the sake of a sequel, goofy and a bit lackluster.

Emerald Ariell W (br) wrote: fun & unusual. i found sandra bullock's role in this movie to be a little disturbing but as the movie developed I understood more. still creepy tho

Orlok W (gb) wrote: A journey through the essence of the human spirit--Unique prehistoric survival adventure!!

Michael E (de) wrote: A decent Frank Sinatra/Steve McQueen war movie that took place in the hills of Burma.

Brian H (de) wrote: This one holds a special place for me. One of those films I grew up with. Knotts and Conway are hilarious as Inspector Winship and Dr. Tart (an inept Holmes and Watson) investigating a murder and missing person at Morley Manor, which may or may not be haunted. Highly Recommended. "Listen up dummies. The help is all gone, the house is bare. Now you know, a shadow is there. There's one left to die, then my job'll be done. I like killing people, it's a lotta kicks! "

Aaron L (de) wrote: A truly unsettling movie, those who claim it is "not scary", don't understand the use of great cinematography. This is something new for horror movies and you can't say it's not scary just because it lacks overused jump scares that are in mainstream movies, rather it focuses on keeping you uncomfortable and flat out creeped. I want another!

Daniel P (jp) wrote: Weird, but enjoyable.