Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon

A man robs a bank to pay for his lover's operation; it turns into a hostage situation and a media circus.

When inexperienced criminal Sonny Wortzik (Al Pacino) leads a bank robbery in Brooklyn to finance Leon's sex-change operation, things quickly go wrong, beginning with the fact that there is almost no money in the bank, and a hostage situation develops. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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St A (jp) wrote: Very dull movie with almost zero dialogue, with a decent enough soundtrack that's wasted on this pretentious work of "art".

Epifania A (us) wrote: Enjoyable viewing! Catherine Deneuve, as beautiful as ever.

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Dimity P (gb) wrote: Pretty dumb, but I suppose there are worse ways to spend a snowy afternoon. Has external shots of the Field Museum!

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