Dog Gone

Dog Gone

A courageous boy battles a gang of bumbling thieves to rescue a dog carrying a fortune in stolen diamonds.

A courageous boy battles a gang of bumbling thieves to rescue a dog carrying a fortune in stolen diamonds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dog Gone torrent reviews

Rishita D (fr) wrote: Awesome movie for the students.....

Heather M (mx) wrote: Despite the distracting incestuous story line that gets resolved by the end this is a very beautiful story.

Danny S (us) wrote: a erotic disturbed movie about a debauched Hollywood movie actor tries to piece together one wild night in Miam...(read more...)i years earlier which remains a drug-induced blur, and soon finds out that some questions about his past are best left unanswered.

Annie C (au) wrote: Trs beau film ! Chapeau tous les artisans et comdiens, tout particulirement Luc Picard et Vincent-Guillaume Otis. Et que dire du gnie de Fred Pellerin . . . Wow !

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: It's good horror movie to watch

Bart (kr) wrote: this movie was so good, i liked it a lot

Skyler B (it) wrote: Classy and hilarious. HILARIOUS!

Brandon K (fr) wrote: total crap. a poorly written, poorly edited, random pointless clips, and not really a Bruce Lee film at all. read: propaganda

Jacob E (au) wrote: Pretty funny movie, but the white face makeup was awful!

Mike K (br) wrote: Snazzy Bond sendup that actually manages to outdo 007 in the eye candy department. Admittedly, the only real suspense here is waiting to see if Elke Sommer's top falls off, but who's complaining? Pussy Galore, eat your heart out.

Jim H (ru) wrote: A lower class drifter enlists an old college friend to introduce him to Southern society, which includes a pair of sisters, one coquettish and the other plain and intellectual.A drama of manners, Picnic is A Place in the Sun without the themes of violence or religion. The plot proceeds exactly as you might expect it would. The handsome, anti-intellectual drifter entertains the intellectual sister while pining for her beautiful, anti-intellectual sister. The whole thing resolves as you might expect it would, so there is no real surprise or genre-bending twist. Whatever charm the film holds is in the performances by its stars, and William Holden, showing off his muscled physique, does admirably much with little, and the same can be said of Kim Novak.Overall, this film is a cliche done well.

Fredrik S (kr) wrote: A sweet little comedy, with a surprisingly social conscious message amidst the somewhat clunky dialogue.

Supes S (gb) wrote: Insane movie. It's so intense. Ryan Reynolds' performance made this movie 10x better. The story is very interesting and the ending plays with your emotional. A very well done movie with such a small budget. Very creative and talented.

Joia M (de) wrote: I'm not sure I've ever wanted to straight up murder an alledgely sympathic character as I wanted to Steve Carrell in this movie. He's too stupid to actually exist, and he has no consideration for other people. He's actually a bad person, and stupid. The only good part is the dinner. Frustrating, stupid movie.

Jolle L (ag) wrote: Not as bad as I expected it to be from the reviews. Could've easily been better. The soundtrack is pretty cool...Could've been melancholic like "The Crow". Could've been funny and dirty like "Machete" or gritty like "Sin City". With Robert Rodriguez, it would've been a much better movie. Lots of potential but quite flat in the end.

Eddie D (au) wrote: Great drive-in cheesy fun!