Doida Demais

Doida Demais

Shady and beautiful art dealer involves her former lover and an art expert in a scheme to deceive a rich collector. Exposed, she escapes to the State of Bahia backcountry with her new lover, a pilot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jolle L (kr) wrote: Je suis tomb (C)e dessus par hasard et a m'a intrigu (C). J'ai (C)t (C) compltement hypnotis (C)e. Maintenant, j'ai faim!

Paul B (gb) wrote: Possibly the worst film ever made.

Stuart M (ca) wrote: Tries to imitate successful historical biopics like The King's Speech and Warm Springs but without really understanding either what makes them compelling or the figures involved.

Matt C (gb) wrote: Not the best of the franchise. A stagnated extension.

Peter B (it) wrote: Overbrutal, lame story but fun!

Barb S (it) wrote: This is one of my top 5 movies of ALL time. Excellent acting, as proven in small part by the fact that this was the first movie I ever saw Sean Penn in, and I still have a hard time believing all the subsequent characters he has played! :-D Michelle Pfeiffer, Dakota Fanning and Dianne Wiest all do a SUPERB job of acting. It was not intended to be a treatise of the entire complex issue involved in this whole arena; it's just one story presenting (beautifully and realisticly) a side of this issue that most of us would never get to see. One cannot help but see people and life differently after watching this absolutely EXCELLENT movie!!!!!

Dylan R (mx) wrote: Godzilla as a series has always had "outlier" movies, where it seems like the series just took a dive. This seems to be one of those films. Here we have an unimaginative monster (Space Godzilla? c'mon.) I literally fell asleep during this movie, which is really saying something. This movie didn't make you care about the characters, and the whole "mind control device" thing was pointless and irrelevant. The monster design of Space Godzilla is stupid looking (closest comparison is a hedgehog with salt stuck to it.)Sub-par entry to the series, worst of the Heisei Godzilla ERA imo.

Iitu S (ag) wrote: Probably the weirdest film I've ever seen. It's still great though :D

Andr (fr) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 19.06.1999

Ryan M (fr) wrote: Shaky storyline and underdeveloped characters

Nate V (ca) wrote: So bad, it went negative and became worthy. I still think food strainer helmets work against mind control. One pissed off woman looks to control a town of men; feminist propoganda?

Adam N (ag) wrote: Featuring biting political satire and black comedy, as well as aided by terrific performances by James Gandolfini and Peter Capaldi, In The Loop serves as a brilliant but also depressing reminder of the cutthroat political insanity of the Iraq War.

Jeff S (us) wrote: Pretty good comedy from Seth Rogen and co.

Octavia J (kr) wrote: Solidly average. It was interesting enough to keep me engaged but the big mystery is no mystery at all. There is never a true "who dun it?" question here. The acting was fine. Cinematography is good enough. But the story is unimaginative and predictable. There was one nice creepy twist at the very end however. This isn't a must see, but if you are running out of options on Netflix, this is an ok way to spend an hour and half.

Gerhard J (jp) wrote: Meryl Streep is sublime as Margaret Thatcher in Iron Lady, perfecting even the tiniest twitch of the body and inflection of the voice of the UK's controversial prime minister. However, the direction is a bit heavy handed and the editing too muddled.

Tony B (jp) wrote: Still holds its merit after 40 years!

Steve M (es) wrote: I barely remember any of this flick, except for Sho Kosugi leaping over a moving pickup truck. My childhood was defined by ninja movies, and Sho Kosugi was the shit, bishes...