Doing Time

Doing Time

A man serving a sentence in a minimum-security prison. Life in the jail is rigid and organized, eventually leading all of the cell-mates to abandon their individuality.

When he finds himself in an Hokkaido prison for a minor firearms possession offence, it doesn't take long for Hanawa (Tsutomu Yamazaki) to surrender utterly to the routine, arbitrary rules and grinding sameness of life in the prison system. Indeed, he comes to find his stint in solitary confinement, cut off from fellow-inmates and with a mechanical task of creating hundreds of folded paper bags each day, a curiously satisfying experience. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Alfin N (ag) wrote: So JJ Abrams somehow had actually manage to injure both Spock and Han Solo in his movie sets. Asshole.

Ellie H (nl) wrote: Sort of laughable. Plus, high security prisons where prisoners stand outside the cells?

Whitney W (mx) wrote: I'll admit a lot of why I love this film is nostalgia but you have to admit that Drew Barrymore is kind of adorable and almost everyone has felt like "Josie Grossy" at some point. It gives me that warm, fuzzy rom-com feeling and sometimes that's nice. Plus I really like the cast.

Edward N (mx) wrote: One of my My Favorite movie by one of my Favorite Directors. Though a little wordy at times visually telling. Character Driven Story. Must See. Politically and Morally Sounded. Subtext Agreed Upon

Tom H (es) wrote: this was an ok heist movie with a humorous tone behind it, but it was also pretty slow moving. the plot was mediocre and light but i was entertained.

phanoo J (kr) wrote: meh...s'ok..not bad..not great

Jen J (mx) wrote: Blandly unimaginative? This is the first film in which I have seen a final encounter between lord and servant such as this. There are many interesting twists while scenarios the viewer thinks might, or should, happen turn out differently. In a world where honor is rarely found, I appreciate a story in which truly honorable men stand unmoved for a master who leads with honor.

A L (gb) wrote: Quite awful - even for unsuspecting children. My child and I both had a headache after watching it. The TV series format works much better.

Bro Sweets (it) wrote: Burts best movie IMO, good crime thriller, wish they still made em like this one

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