Dois Córregos - Verdades Submersas no Tempo

Dois Córregos - Verdades Submersas no Tempo

Young executive woman returns to small town of Dois Córregos and remembers the time, in the late 1960s, when she met her uncle there, a man who was running away from the military dictatorship ruling Brazil at the time.

Young executive woman returns to small town of Dois Córregos and remembers the time, in the late 1960s, when she met her uncle there, a man who was running away from the military dictatorship ruling Brazil at the time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared R (nl) wrote: The film is very odd for a Clint Eastwood film, but the film pulls through thanks to a very strong performance by Kevin Spacey.

jake s (fr) wrote: its a great movie, definitely a must watch!

Steven S (ag) wrote: What a good family movie lol

Prescott C (it) wrote: The action is nice... but can we please get rid of the shitty teen romance bullshit!?!? Seriously, men like movies that have the action and fantasy but the girl chasing after the brooding guy is so cheesy!!!!!!!

Sunay S (gb) wrote: Mumbai Meri Jaan is an exceptional film for one big reason. That reason is that it studies the impact on individual lives from such tragedies. Often films like these forget its characters and especially in Bollywood, start talking about communal upheavels. Recently a lot of films have been trying to get the masses inspired to wake up and realize that change is within them first and then without. Kay Kay's character talks about this and makes a very strong point that until we don't personally suffer from it, we don't act on it. Though his intentions are good, his bias leads to a series of poor decisions and judgements. Events like these definitely affect the lives of policemen, even a retiree who realizes that his career is a failure and so is he. He keeps saying, if you feel like crying then go take a leak. Basically, thats what we do. We have issues, but we dont take them up with the proper sources, we just vent them out on someone else. Then there is that middleclass citizen filled with ideals and patriotism which get shaken up. A paranoia sets in, he begins to question his ideals and thinks of fleeing to place that is potentially "safer". Of all these characters, Irfan Khan's is metaphorical. He is a lower class man, who has no voice (and no dialogue). But the films makes a very important choice for these characters. They all change. From Kay Kay's, to Rawal's, to Soha's, to Irfan's, to Madhavan's. Though Rawal's retirement speech drags, the cuts to the other characters are very well done and remind me of the Rang De Basanti climax. And the moment of silence conveys how strong Mumbai was, is and continues to be through each tragedy it suffers. People forget their differences, help even strangers and embrace each other in the face of adversity regardless of religion or caste. If we can do that at the toughest times, maybe we can do that all the time. Maybe as Patil says at the back of the van, just maybe, we can break the chain of pushing each other back and forth.

Dan H (ca) wrote: Good story, makes you think of what want on in Americas past,

Adam F (kr) wrote: "Carnosaur 2" has a plot that's a lot more coherent than the first and whether that is a good or a bad thing is up for debate. The first movie had a plot that was so insane that it was genuinely memorable and had a lot more going on than just "dinosaurs are brought back to life and eat people". While it may not have been a good movie, it was memorable. "Carnosaur 2" has a plot that's a lot more standard, with a team of electricians going inside a military building only to find themselves stranded and under attack. There is a nice addition of a time limit, as it is revealed later in the movie that there are other dangers inside the building besides the dinosaurs, but for the most part it's a plot that's a lot more predictable and less imaginative. In fact this movie doesn't really seem to be related to the first one at all, except for the fact that dinosaurs are back to life.When it comes to the dinosaurs, the special effects vary a lot. Everything is done in nice practical effects but some costumes and puppets look pretty good, while other look silly, particularly towards the end of the movie. The gore and blood effects are well done and they're pretty convincing and there are plenty of explosions that look good too. One very badly done effect is an exploding helicopter, which is clearly a miniature and does not look convincing at all. While overall the effects are pretty decent, the performances do not sell these. When people are reacting to dialogue they're fine, but when someone is being eaten alive or is attacked by a dinosaur the acting talent just vanishes into thin air. Another problem that the movie has is that the director made some strange decisions while making the movie. Towards the beginning of the film the dinosaurs are seen only in quick glimpses or hidden by the camera but there's no need for that, this is after all a sequel and the cover of the Dvd tells you that there are going to be some dinosaurs here so why all of the mystery? There are also far too many deaths that are off-screen. Let's face it, you're not watching this movie for an in-depth plot or any character drama, you want to see velociraptors and tyrannosauruses chowing down on some surprised civilians. For that reason, "Carnosaur 2" is somewhat of a disappointment because it has far too few dinosaur attacks. There are some good scenes but the movie doesn't really feel iconic. There aren't a lot of scenes or lines that will stick with you and that means it's just an average creature-feature horror film. "Carnosaur 2" is a lot less zany than the predecessor and it's not all bad but it will leave you wanting more. (Dvd, March 29, 2013)

Bill B (fr) wrote: This is one of those VHS films from the days of me first investigating indie film, and I was so happy to finally revisit it on DVD awhile back.A great little love story filled with oddball characters and a charming travelogue from Canada down into the Southern parts of the US.Recommended.

Joel J (gb) wrote: my favorite burt reynolds movie

Christian C (au) wrote: Beautiful and affecting. I was not expecting such a graceful love story and poignant tragedy, even though I knew this film was about a gay relationship set in the 1970's and 1980's, during the height of the AIDS panic. Decent acting all around, with Corr of particular note. If you want a good cry over strength, love, loss and injustice, "Holding The Man" is a great place to start.

Nigel T (nl) wrote: First off, this movie was a chore to watch through. With the lack of good jokes (this was supposedly a comedy) this movie came out of the gates, ready to fail. This is one to skip.

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