Dois Perdidos numa Noite Suja

Dois Perdidos numa Noite Suja

Two outcasts fight over a pair of shoes in a run-down boarding-house room.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

Two outcasts fight over a pair of shoes in a run-down boarding-house room. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dois Perdidos numa Noite Suja torrent reviews

Orlok W (kr) wrote: The Taboo of Human Contact... A fractured movie about a fractured life--An excellent study of guilt and desire... Haunting, melancholy and the strange ways we are all connected!!

Dennis A (br) wrote: Not enough action to be thriller, not enough story to be a drama, not enough blood to be a slasher...

Corey C (jp) wrote: Not good, but interesting enough with a handful of really good scenes. The cast, for what it's worth, does a great job (Cliff Curtis was really good, Ray Liotta was fine, and I am almost convinced Harrison Ford was trying, for instance, which is a big deal in itself), but a few of the story strands are ill-conceived and seem redundant (like the shit with Jim Sturgess, and the Summer Bishil storyline, to a certain degree).

Tashara B (nl) wrote: Can I watch this movie

Dave M (jp) wrote: Positively powerful. To get the negatives out of the way, it had occasional moments of overt, if appropriate, cheesiness, and perhaps an over-reliance on tenets of the Catholic faith; but to argue against both, this is a tremendously moving film, and what better defines the last thousand years of Ireland like Catholicism? It was a beautiful story of love and dedication and proper human decency the like of which define an entire segment of life itself. I maintain also that the last two soliloquies by Pierce Brosnan (who did a remarkable job and finally got to use his Irish accent to full effect) and Sophie Vavasseur (the precocious title charater) were up amoung the most powerful written for any role.True, some of the coincidences were a touch too convenient...but this is a true story, for the most part. This wonderful, overtly fantastic tale actually happened, which adds yet another level of power.All roles were quite simple and straightforward, save Desmond Doyle and Evelyn, yet were very well cast and expertly performed, a tribute to the under appreciated talent in Irish cinema. Though I must say, Julianna Margulies was a very strange choice, and her semi-Dublin accent was powerful thin on more than one occasion. An actual Irish actress, or heck, even Andrea Corr (who was in a darling Irish film the next year) would have been a better selection in a supporting role. However, Margulies did her best, and as I'm not a paid critic, that counts for a lot.Enough blather, really. This film is incredibly moving and speaks to a human condition in a way films strain to be and rarely achieve. A truly beautiful experience.

Robert I (kr) wrote: The theatrical cut is a hollow experience if you've seen the Producer's Cut. The Producer's Cut... Still not a good movie. But it is a huge swing- And a miss. I can appreciate that.

Declan H (br) wrote: This movie is far better now than it was back in 1993. The film's future of 2032 is more focused on the greater good for the group, not unlike our modern world. Compare it to the 90's when things were more about the individual. People didn't care what happened to other people. But now, more than ever, people care more about what happens to others. The thing about this movie is that, aside from Phoenix, there is no real antagonist or villain. The citizens of San Angeles and the underground rebels have good and bad people, and neither side is 100% right or wrong. Both sides have heroes and villains. This is a very smart movie disguised as a dumb dick flick, and it is a rockin' good time.

Justin R (br) wrote: Is the greatest movie about a summer camp about to close, but it all comes down to this... the final event! (nostalgia flick)

Chris H (ca) wrote: A solid but somewhat forgettable crime/drama about a group of kids who get involved in a robbery. While its not for everyone, fans of the genre should enjoy it.

Jessica B (ru) wrote: Hilarious, ridiculous, shocking, dizzying.

Christian M (us) wrote: Woody Allen and Jason Biggs star as Woody Allen in Woody Allen's run-of-the-mill, generic Woody Allen film.