Dokkan Shehata

Dokkan Shehata

Dokan shehata is a movie about the good abd bad in life, And how life will be when ther are jealous and hatred between brothers.

Shehata (Amr Saad) is the son of Ganainy (Mahmoud benign), who opened a shop and a fruit called the son Shehata. Shehata is suffering from the influence of his brothers and his bad treatment of severe jealousy of him and which ends Bmsah. The movie discusses the problem of the destruction of genuine Egyptian values ​​and the bad case, which arrived in the community to it and see how the director Khaled Youssef effect on future output: Khaled Youssef (out) / Mohammed Hamdeen Sabahi (Assistant Director) New York: Nasser Al-Rahman (the author of - Script Writer) Release Date : May 20, 2009 AD . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy P (us) wrote: Riveting from beginning to end. Very hitchcockian.


Hollie W (es) wrote: Good movie, not the best ending

Jay C (us) wrote: I loved this movie except for the end. It felt like the ending from the Titanic to me - I thought I was cheated.

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