Five street teens break into a house in a rich Dublin suburb for a night of partying. But games are twisted into something more emotional and ultimately out of control through a series of surprising revelations.

A group of street teens from Dublin's inner city break into a house in an upper class suburb. The break-in quickly moves into a night of frenzy, scandal and consequence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dollhouse torrent reviews

Karyna H (kr) wrote: I want to see the move so bad

Bryan D (ru) wrote: Pretty much a "wish that it was Resident Evil" cut together with an overbearing Facebook is evil message.

Ryan M (ag) wrote: Another step closer in the right direction.

Edgar C (ru) wrote: Matador Snow White and the Six Bullfighting Dwarves! Well, that's a twist!Whereas The Artist felt like "I want to revive an era", Blancanieves felt more like "I want to try that too!" Pablo Berger attempted, however, what few can accomplish successfully: to create a silent film in the current state of the movie industry, where the risk of a project is high, from both a financial point of view and from a studio perspective.Now, if we are purists, Blancanieves follows the silent formula less faithfully than The Artist. It doesn't feel like a silent film per se, but as a black and white film with no sound. This can be said because of the filmmaking style. It is rather uneven, making transitions between the editing, camera and musical score techniques of the 20s, and a more modern approach, with a dynamic camera that moves through spaces to reveal gestures, sceneries and shocking moments. In one moment, you feel like traveling back 90 years into the past, and at others, it is a Spanish melodrama with its inevitable sexualized quirkiness and the most recent technical celluloid features.So, the most fundamental question about the whole show is: Does the plot justify the creation of a silent film? The answer is: YES.To begin with, the story is a twist on the famous tale. This was very smart excuse for the filmmakers to use the context of the 20s and portray a pre-war Spain. This makes the whole silent-cinema-tribute deal cuter. Seriously, the film couldn't feel any more Spanish, with its display of dance numbers, flamenco elements and the (disgusting and animal torturer, but undeniably folkloric) matador subculture. Secondly, it is a simplistic story. Silent cinema allows for some peculiar utilizations of the music, the facial gestures and the 'theatrical' mannerisms required in actors to participate in this kind of project. With this, therefore, the movie was taken to another level of magic and entertainment. It is easy to imagine it as a very boring and plain sound feature. And it is in the acting part where the great Maribel Verd shines. With a strong onscreen presence and unique facial expressions, her character of "Encarna" was a vehicle for expanding her already admirable versatility.I won't stop supporting these projects despite their flaws, because the intention is the same: to revive an old art form of different talents. Well done!74/100

Artha B (ru) wrote: hal yg paling nyebelin dr film ini adalah gelengen kepala mandy moore di setiap adegan.. persis seperti hiasan mobil. dan akting yah.. menurun sekali dibanding a walk to remember... dan bow bow bowrringg moviee.. hoaammm....

Paul K (us) wrote: Available on Youtube. Converted to good quality video, though. Excellent stuff: the ideology, the bus crash, the exorcism at Walmart HQ, the Disneyland infiltration and much much more. What a man, Rev Billy - and what a choir. And what a message too. Watch this.

Ian H (br) wrote: A truly great and enjoyable film. Catherine Frot is superb as Odette, in a heart-warming, humorous and extremely enjoyable comedy. Very much recommended.

Shane H (br) wrote: Not for everyone, but those who follow it to the end will find a powerful message waiting for them.

Dimity P (jp) wrote: If you like any two of the following list, I recommend you see this movie; WWII history; unconventional feminism; British humor; boobies.

Crystal L (br) wrote: I'm sorry, but its hard to take tough vampires seriously when they're wearing sparkles and bright eye make-up :( The action scenes are also rather understated, but that is something of Asian cinema I'm learning to recognize as a style.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: Experimental garbage.

Jeffrey L (kr) wrote: Probably best when watched while intoxicated.

Adrian M (br) wrote: This is actually the first film I've ever seen that has addressed the issues of homosexuality from an African American female's perspective. The premise of the film takes on all new meaning given this fact.

Skyler B (mx) wrote: Garbage like this used to populate my film-watching days as a child. Why would I allow these things to happen? Because I was a dumb kid. Having seen it again, now, as an older person, I have to say that - while garbage - I can understand one thing about why I let myself see it so many times: stupid is as stupid watches.

Paul D (br) wrote: I'm a born Trekky, what can I say! ???

oxana (es) wrote: This is a must-see documentary for me.

Goota B (ru) wrote: The American series is based on this British drama. The story is the same but this one is superior. Only one season. The acting and dialogue are excellent.

Adam D (us) wrote: a good cold war war filmed in Ottawa Canada

Saku N (ag) wrote: Only cause it had my boo Nic in it...but I didn't like the romantic aspect of the movie....they could have left that out.

Carolina V (ru) wrote: Una dulce triste historia.