Dom Hemingway

Dom Hemingway

After spending 12 years in prison for keeping his mouth shut, notorious safe-cracker Dom Hemingway is back on the streets of London looking to collect what he's owed.

Safecracker Dom Hemingway is released after spending 12 years in prison and seeks payment for refusing to rat out his boss Ivan Fontaine. He sets off with his partner in crime Dickie looking to collect what he has owed for keeping his mouth shut and protecting his boss Mr. Fontaine. After a near death experience, Dom tries to re-connect with his estranged daughter, but is soon drawn back into the only world he knows, looking to settle the ultimate debt. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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scott g (br) wrote: A film that to a degree reminds me of a film like Elephant, really getting into its charactors and in Robert played by Ezra miller especially when events kick into action when two young students are killed/poisond and its on his film, here we follow the guy and schools atempts at dealing with this situation. the film is well observed, nicely directed and certainly has a style and pace its happy to go along with. all charactors come of genuin and realistic, and its a interesting look and a private school, when something like this kicks into play.

Stephanie M (au) wrote: Even with the shoddy acting, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting, some of the FX were pretty dang good, and I really hated the child's character, which is what they were going for, seeing as how he was the son of Satan.

Frank P (ag) wrote: really great indie film! really enjoyed this!

Tom H (es) wrote: Absolutely wonderful picture following some quirky characters in an imaginary quartier in Paris. Intensely human-but never soppy-a lot of cheap wisdom is spilled throughout. We recognize it all too well as advice we've either dispensed ourselves or have been at the receiving end. Career goals get muddled, objectives cross paths and love interferes with paralyzing and exhilarating normalcy. Seen through they eyes of a young girl who has just arrived, this movie takes a top place in the genre of feel-good movies, and I do not mean this pejoratively.

Liy P (mx) wrote: My favorite romantic comedy!!!

Amandeep J (es) wrote: roger ebert said, of this movie, "i can't easily remember a film i've enjoyed less." i take issue with this. i watched "sour grapes" and did, in fact, enjoy it. this might say a lot about me: that my standards are too low, or, more to his point, that, unlike roger ebert, i think death and racism are funny - or can be funny, at least, in the right context. as in "seinfeld," most of the characters here are morons and assholes, but while in seinfeld the laughter they triggered was the comfortable laughter of an audience thinking "man, i am glad i'm not as fucked up as THESE crazy people are," the laughter here - if it comes at all - is the uncomfortable laughter of you thinking, hey, as petty and bizarre as these people are, they're still all too human, and, hell, they remind me a little of me.i think the main reason people slag this film off so much is because "seinfeld," and even "curb your enthusiasm" for that matter, are sympathetic. you shake your head at how dumb the people in those shows can be, but at the same time, a part of you roots for them. as big an asshole as larry could be on curb, he never tried to kill his own mother - which, yes, a dude does try to do in this movie. if the idea of that immediately turns your stomach, you probably won't like sour grapes much, but i'd argue that would also make you exactly the sort of person who should see it.on a fundamental level, "sour grapes" is not sympathetic. you can't feel for the characters - instead, you watch them, awed and a little unnerved at how they look kind of like some aspect of you, taken too damn far. to me, that's a little fascinating. it might turn you off, or make you want to turn *it* off. but hey. it's not a bad movie, i think. it has a good story. it's funny. you could do worse.

Chris D (au) wrote: Great movie series, Must See On Blu-Ray to appreciate....

gibbom8dman8 (it) wrote: Was an inspirational movie.

Ralph R (us) wrote: Up on the roof is a lonely tin man! Bore him to death awkard mustard.

Kyle L (ca) wrote: A darker, scarier and a huge improvement over Malevolence Bereavement is one of the best Horror films of 2011. This is a great film by the same director who directed Malevolence. The premise of this movie explains the backstory of Martin Bristoll on who he is and how he turned into a psycho in Malevolence. I never saw the first movie but I plan to watch it in one of these days. What's great about Bereavement is that this movie is really dark, scary, creepy and suspenceful as well. The film has a really good and dark tone towards the entire film and the movie also has different and dark themes. Like Malevolence in which the themes on that film is more into psychological madness. Bereavement focus more into different themes that are really dark and gritty like Child Abuse, insanity and monstrous behavior with a really dark attitude which makes the movie even better than it's predecessor Malevolence. What's great about Bereavement is that the movie also has the violence of nature that instantly makes the tension rise from start to finish because there are so many scenes that are super dark and instantly scary. What I love about Bereavement is that the film has a really effective, dark and grungy atmosphere which makes the movie even better and the film is so atmospheric from the first scene until the last. I seriously like the style of this movie and there are lots of creepy moments in the film. I also like the antagonist of this movie the first killer Graham Sutter who made Martin Bristoll into a monster is super scary and really creepy as well and I like the idea that he goes insane in the last part before he gets killed by Martin Bristoll and his violent nature instantly freaks me out the way he goes insane and the way he reacts when the devil keeps talking to him is instantly unsettling and really dark as well. Plus the young Martin Bristoll is really creepy and scary in the movie as well at first we see him in the opening scene as an innocent, lonely and mute child until when Graham Sutter performs various activities that he shows to Martin on killing a person in different ways he turns into a monster slowly and his attitude gets darker and darker as the movie goes on and it instantly makes the movie even better so far. What I also like about this movie is that the film has a strong amount of graphic and gory violence and the kills are seriously unsettling and unnerving plus the kills are also gritty as well. There are lots of great kill scenes in the movie when I was watching it. The opening kill scene was nasty, graphic, gory and unsettling as well the way Graham Sutter kills the first girl is instantly unsettling and it really rises the tension of the film each kill scene seriously had me a lot and there are lots of them in the movie the girl getting hanged on the meat hook before she gets dragged and cooked into the oven is seriously intense and gritty and I also like the scene when Martin Bristoll gets his hand stabbed because that scene was so intense and it was super violent as well and I really enjoy all of the kills in the movie so far. Now the performances of the casts in the movie seriously did a great job so far. Michael Biehn of the first terminator movie did a good job with his performance in the film so far even the beautiful Alexandra Daddario was incredible with her performance in the movie as well so far while the rest of the casts did a great job as well with their performances in the movie so far. Director, Writer and Producer Stevan Mena did a good job with his directing with this movie so far since he was really good with his directing on Malevolence he did a better job this time with Bereavement because I like the way he wrote and directed this movie and thanks to him so far he made a really good horror film in which he made me proud a lot so far. Overall Bereavement gets a 10/10 because this movie is really dark, scary, unsettling, gritty, unnerving and violent at the exact same time I'll do a review of Malevolence once I watched it already.

Cham O (ca) wrote: As good as the Top Gun. Tom Cruise is superb as always. Nicole Kidman is awesome. One of the best sports movies.

Andy R (ag) wrote: super funny and one of the best comedy movie of all times

Jamie C (nl) wrote: It grew on me but not as good as most alien invasion films, The plot was great and because it's more darker than most films like this and it only adds to it all, My main problem with this film is Dakota Fanning, Her character was so annoying and I was waiting for her to be killed off but we all know kids never die but Tom Cruise was great to watch as he always is.

Amanda B (us) wrote: Awesome!! Terrible 80s horror movie!

Rob A (us) wrote: What a fantastic story, and even more fantastic acting by Ethan Hawke who definitely deserves an Oscar nomination for best actor! in my opinion that was Ethan's best performance to date.