Nadia (Béatrice Dalle) is in her 30s and begins a serious relationship with a teen named Pierre (Isaïe Sultan).

A drama centered on the relationship between a teenager, Pierre, and Nadia, a woman in her thirties. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (nl) wrote: Equity has several strong female leads, a solid premise, but ends up flat. Anna Gunn, is fantastic but whenever I leave the theater unsatisfied I kinda forget about the performances and all the good. This film is like a great meal that turns into food poisoning. The novelty of a movie about Wall-Street that focuses on woman never wears off, but we find out what most of us already know: There's never a penalty for bankers. Watch it for the female leads, but beware of the unsatisfying third act.

Keith G (es) wrote: Excellent horror flick!! It's the ones that you expect to be horrible B movies that actually can surprise you which forces me to wade through hours and hours of bad movies!

Jonathan H (us) wrote: Sad, but I liked it.

Chrles Dvid H (ru) wrote: Along with The A-Team, The Losers and From Paris This Love, this is another cronicle in the sad story of failed 2010 Macho-Lots-of-Guns films.

Private U (mx) wrote: Brilliant. Great emphasis on the chess master's victorious journey in the game of Go, his faith and determination despite challenges and chaos

daisha w (br) wrote: its sooo good and sad

Amy S (fr) wrote: A really good and funny movie...If you like Ashley Tisdale, a must see!

Rami A (ru) wrote: Not as interesting as Baraka or The Qatsi Trilogy in terms of its non verbal narrative, but Ron Fricke is a master of this type of narrative. It deals with Perished nations from what I understood. The Vangelis-like music is really good which makes me like Michael Stearns even more than I used to. Some wonderful visuals to be seen.

Alex r (de) wrote: Wonderful, crime drama, Midnight Express is a captivating, thoroughly engaging picture, one that is raw, poignant and stomach turning as you watch the man's ordeal unfold as he tried unsuccessfully to smuggle drugs out of Turkey. Some scenes in the film are downright brutal, and under the skilled eye of director Alan Parker, he captures it in such through his camera lens that you cannot deny the power that this film holds. Parker has made some outstanding pictures throughout his career, some soar to cinematic legend that belong up there with some of the medium's most powerful, and classic films. The film is dramatic, tense, and really in your face, and it doesn't shy away at showing you what this was really like. Brilliantly constructed in terms of tension and drama, Midnight Express is like I said, raw, gritty and poignant, but it's a beautifully made picture that manages to stand out due to its entrancing storyline. The script is solid, the cast display some determination to really suck you into the film, and the result is a one of a kind drama that should not be missed. This is a standout picture, a film that sticks with out, and will make think about what you have just seen. Midnight Express is top-notch filmmaking at its very best. This is a picture so entertaining that it's hard to turn your back on it. So if you're in the mood for something truly captivating and riveting right up to the final frame, Midnight Express is a definite must see. I very much enjoyed the film, and thought it had the right balance dramatic and crime elements to create something unique.

Jason R (fr) wrote: Unbridled in profanity and filled to the brim with unadulterated masculinity, 'Glengarry Glen Ross' not only entertains but has enough depth to provoke contemplation for the audience. The cast features some of the best talent Hollywood has to offer, and each performance is as compelling as it is memorable, with mannerisms and dialogue sure to leave lasting impressions. The excessive use of long takes displays the unbelievable acting ability of this small but immensely talented cast. Director James Foley's auteur approach to the film immerses the viewer in the manipulation and ruthlessness of the characters. Each shot is framed superbly, and techniques such as zoom ins or camera pans perfectly complement the cadence and dialogue of the scene. 'Glengarry Glen Ross' is mesmerizing from the very first scene, and the appeal of the relatable struggles that the characters are faced with shows how far pride and competitive spirit will lead a man, when the aforementioned qualities are all a man has.