After a civil war in Hell, Lucifer has been defeated and the Key to Hell is in Lord Desecrater's grasp. However, the rebellious Dominator has his own thoughts and keeps the Key to Hell away from Lord Desecrater and is forced to fight off his forces including three other demons - Decimator, Extricator and Lady Violator.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   guitar,   demon,  

After a civil war in Hell, Lucifer has been defeated and the Key to Hell is in Lord Desecrater's grasp. However, the rebellious Dominator has his own thoughts and keeps the Key to Hell away... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ClaRita C (es) wrote: This movie has lots and lots of funny moments, it mocks so many stereotypes and lifestyles. I've never seen anything like these aliens, these " gorilla wolf motherfuckers" hahaha. It's always enjoyable to watch kids fight with fireworks and home supplies, feels more like ninja play.

Grant S (nl) wrote: Had potential, but mostly pretty lame and boring. Given a veneer of respectability by the presence of James Frain, of The Tudors fame.

Sean C (ru) wrote: A superb documentary. Everything is either from propaganda films for Goebbels in his own words. Through him one can see the appeal of Nazism and why is failed in its insane agenda.

Lewis W (kr) wrote: Could be worse. Probably deserves the award for the best unnecessary Disney sequel.

Matt C (fr) wrote: This movie was rather dumb. For having so many stars, the acting was poor and the script was unimpressive. This one is not worth seeing.

Dane P (fr) wrote: Poor horror flick with nothing but bland written all over it

Danielle H (ca) wrote: very interesting. would have liked more insight into the customers tho

Fran D (ca) wrote: Since he is writer director he has to take full responsibility for every little line of text, for the tiniest detail, however stupid it may be; for the "brilliance" e. g. of Timothy Spall's rainbow colored underwear and Jane Harrock's "meaningful" choclate perversion. This is the world according to Mike Leigh, and if the "real" world is not quite like this, it is his fault, ours, because we want to believe in it, because we look so "good" in it. A world of working class "kitsch", a world of endless "good-natured"ism that can do no harm, where the "roughness" of manners is the "obvious" indication of its inner purity and perfection. Aubrey fails, because he tries to cross class boundaries. Nicola, the artist, struggles to find her role in society, she will become what Mike Leigh has become, a morally unblemished artist, true to his working roots. Mike Leigh tends to let his actors overdo their "acting" so much as to stretch their roles into comic book like characters that become larger than life, that can neither change nor die nor be harmed. Eventually, of course, he breaks these molds, just for a moment, only for the purpose of reestablishing the "god, Mike Leigh-given" order, once again. PS An additional question for Mike Leigh-"scholars", why do we see Andy at work, but never working, why do we see no television set?

Shawn W (ru) wrote: Found this one a bit funnier than the first. Six academy graduates are placed in a precinct that is losing a battle with the area street gang. Art Mertrano is a definite value add here as Captain Mauser. No matter how many times I see it, his shampoo mishap and subsequent wig never gets stale.

Alex r (br) wrote: Manhattan Melodrama is famous for being the last movie that infamous bank robber John Dillinger saw before being gunned down outside the Biograph Theatre on July 22nd 1934. Obviously I was interested in seeing the film due to its history surrounding that legendary showing. This is a brilliant gangster film that is a defining classic of the genre. Brilliantly acted by Clark Gable, this is a must see for cinema buffs who enjoy classic films that helped defined the genre. Before there was The Godfather, there was this film. Clark Gable is impressive here and the story is quite good and highly engaging. This is also a must see for people that are fascinated with John Dillinger because I feel that in some way, this movie is part of his legacy. Nonetheless, the plot is engaging and like I said is a classic gangster picture that would pave the way for all to follow. I really enjoyed the film, and felt it was very different from other films in the genre. In that respect, it is a film that helped shape the crime genre. Manhattan Melodrama is filled with action, drama, a good cast and effective pacing to really make this stand out. I really enjoyed the film and thought it was an entertaining gangster film, definitely among the finest in the genre. There are of course better genre films, but Manhattan Melodrama is a worthwhile viewing experience that should definitely thrill the diehard cinema buff. W.s Van Dyke has crafted a memorable and historically significant picture that stands out even by today's standards.

Jim T (fr) wrote: Made when movies were movies....pure enjoyment

mike h (it) wrote: its eddie, seriously there is no god, if there was he would kill all you religious people and all you critics,