Don Camillo monsignore... ma non troppo

Don Camillo monsignore... ma non troppo

Don Camillo is now a bishop, Peppone is now a senator, but their rivalry is as fierce as when they were just a village priest, and a village administrator. Don Camillo learns that Peppone ...

Don Camillo is now a bishop, Peppone is now a senator, but their rivalry is as fierce as when they were just a village priest, and a village administrator. Don Camillo learns that Peppone ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah L (nl) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie, but it never delivered. It was full of cliches and stale dialogue. Characters lacked depth in that it never felt like the viewer got to know any of them. Not sure if it was the acting or the writing or both, but it was a completely surface level film!

Jonathan S (gb) wrote: As a movie it is bizarre yet utterly visually a film adaptation of Pieter Bruegel's 1564 painting "The Way to Calvary" it is nothing short of amazing.

Rogerio S (de) wrote: With this cast, the movie could be way better...

callum b (it) wrote: The kings of nerd rock deliver a great documentry taht thank fuck doesnt dwel on malcolm in the middle.

Paula K (ru) wrote: llead actors not so great, decent script .. interesting

Smashproplaya (us) wrote: Family Guy just gets better and better

erika r (us) wrote: since i totally feel asleep for the middle part of this film, i don't really have that much to say other than it's probably not the most accessible soderbergh i have ever seen, but quite ambitious in truly bizarre way.

Luciano G (kr) wrote: If you haven't given this one a chance, see it.....gore and splatter fans, especially....if you liked Lamberto Bava's "Demons", you'll like this.....

Augustine H (jp) wrote: When comparing with Back to the Future, Peggy Sue fails to make us care about her final decision. Nicolas Cage is charismatic here.

David S (mx) wrote: Joan Crawford gives a fun performance in a romance turned thriller. The last twenty minutes are pretty marvelous, although some of the scenes before that take a little more time than necessary.

Nicola W (mx) wrote: This was so rubbish with poor acting I couldn't even watch it to the end, had to turn off after half hour cos it was so bad

Mads D (es) wrote: En utrolig sjov og intetsigende komedie med masser af herlig 80er-humor. Filmen har ikke den store handling men det gr ikke noget for den er utrolig sjov og meget original. Absolut en must-see komedie.

K N (kr) wrote: If someone "rotten"-ed this movie, then I don't know if you should trust their reviews. Tintin is a Herg classic, and with Spielberg's directing, it really doesn't matter if he didn't break new ground or not!! The film is EXACTLY like the books - character style to the city he lived. Even the opening title was one of the comics! On the wall of Tintin's office you could see his adventures on newspaper articles from his other comics before he met the drunk captain. The voice of Tintin sounded like the tv classic and the music was professionally done. All major characters were presented, as they should, and the movie followed the comics till the very end. You can tell Spielberg is a Tintin fanatic!

Nandan T (ru) wrote: Good animation, though it gets boring and repetitive in the second half.

Kevin R (it) wrote: I'll never doubt you again.Tinker Bell and a rival fairy are swept off to the land of humans. They are supposed to keep their existence a secret from the humans they encounter. They find a little girl who lives with her scientist father and she just wants his attention. As they try to escape back to fairy land, the rival fairy locks Tinker Bell in the land of humans. Tinker will use this opportunity to try and make the little girl's life better."Define stay away..."Bradley Raymond, director of Pocahontas 2, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2, Tinker Bell, The Lion King 1 1/2, and Pixie Hollow Games, delivers Tinker Bell: The Great Fairy Escape. The storyline for this picture is a bit clich and reminded me of a modern Peter Pan story (on Earth rather than Neverland). The animation was awesome and the voices were okay. The voices were provided by Mae Whitman, Michael Sheen, Lucy Liu, Raven-Symone, and Jesse McCartney."We need to stay hidden from the humans.""We do?"We have thoroughly enjoyed watching this series as a family (both off DVD and Netflix). The animation has been very good and the settings are marvelous. The actual plots are inconsistent, with this being the worst to date, but the follow up to this, Secret of Wings, is very good. I would recommend watching this and all of the other Tinker Bell movies."I'll never forget you, Tinker Bell."Grade: C+