Don Ghadicha Daav

Don Ghadicha Daav


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Marathi
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  • Category:General
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  • Uploader:MongDu
  • Country:India
  • Director:Anant Mane
  • Writer:N/A

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Don Ghadicha Daav torrent reviews

JJ D (ag) wrote: Good film, doesn't spoil the original trilogy but not necessary

Noname (ru) wrote: I was prepared for a more action war movie when i saw this but it ended up with to much drama. Decent story and overall okey movie tho.

Tyler A (es) wrote: Conventional thriller? Have the critics seen other thrillers? Mamet pens art. Some dig his clipped dialog. Some prefer to molest children and suck eggs. If you're in the latter group, don't watch this movie. You'll think it's too conventional. My only critique: Dubai is not in Yemen.

Joshua G (mx) wrote: 2pac the best documentary movie RIP 2pac makaveli the don

Ethan T (gb) wrote: just a regular fairytale

Kyle B (nl) wrote: There is so much to this film, a franchise could've happened, but unfortunately, the film just doesn't work. Much of what the film contains is generic. The humor falls flat, and some of the songs were annoying. It's just not that interesting and I Can't recommend it.

Craig N (mx) wrote: The Tomatometer is way off on this. What a good movie! The ending was unexpected, and it took me a bit to recover, but I was glad I watched it.

Colm M (br) wrote: Totally brilliant. The kind of man all us real men want to be. The story ultimately is about the death of the wild west. Steve McQueens last western and second last movie....and best performance.

Juan G (de) wrote: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i saw you seeing your abuela

roger t (fr) wrote: review forthcoming......

David L (ag) wrote: "Hold That Ghost" was Abbott and Costello's fourth feature film, and the third in which they were headline billed. Also going three for three with the comedy duo were The Andrews Sisters and Shemp Howard, who previously appeared with the boys in "Buck Privates" and "In the Navy". The film style differs somewhat from the military based films in that Abbott and Costello stay away from the skit routines and go more for the sight gags and one liners. In the story, Chuck Murray (Bud) and Ferdie Jones (Lou) inherit an abandoned inn from mobster Moose Matson; as stated in the will, they were with Moose at the time of his demise. Of course, Moose's cronies have an interest in the place because the money from his robberies are believed to be hidden there. Moose's assurance that the location of the money is "in his head" proves to be truer than we realize when first uttered. All of this serves as the basic premise for Bud and Lou to deliver their zany antics in what turns out to be a "haunted" house, replete with a dead body, levitating candles and observing ghosts. Adding to the fun of the film is Joan Davis, a wonderful foil for Lou's character who has just the right blend of good looks and snappy attitude. Richard Carlson is the nerdy Doctor Jackson who misses all the romantic signals thrown his way by pretty Norma Lind (Evelyn Ankers). The opening of "Hold That Ghost" left me considering whether today's concern with political correctness would have allowed the scene to be made today. Crooner Ted Lewis offers a rendition of "Me and My Shadow" with a black actor (uncredited Ralph Brooks) mimicking his movement, ostensibly as his "shadow". As always, The Andrews Sisters are delightfully entertaining, though not as animated as in the Service films. After 1941's "Hold That Ghost", Abbott and Costello didn't venture into another "horror" type film until 1948's "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein", possibly their best comedy and my personal favorite by the boys. But then they really got into high gear with the genre with a host of offerings in which they paired with a number of Universal's characters - the Invisible Man, Jekyll and Hyde, and The Mummy. All are a treat and come recommended for Abbott and Costello fans.

John P (ca) wrote: I've always loved a good Hollywood western. True, the genre does lend itself to clichs, with many films reusing scenarios and plot points from other films. But there's a good reason for this; if something still works, you might as well keep using it. And Destry Rides again works. With its blend of humor and action, and a talented cast featuring Jimmy Stewart, Destry is one of the better westerns from Hollywood's golden age. When the sheriff of Bottleneck 'becomes unavailable' after sticking his nose into the local badman's business, the crooked mayor appoints Wash, the town drunk to fill his shoes. But Wash does them one better by sending for the John Destry, son of the legendary Tombstone Sherriff. Only it turns out the younger Destry (Stewart) is hardly the spitting image of his pa. He's soft-spoken, shy, and doesn't like guns. In short, not the most promising material. But together it's up to them to stop a diabolical land scheme and bring law and order to Bottleneck. What makes Destry work, especially in its comic elements, is Jimmy Stewart's one-of-a-kind acting. In his hands, Tom Destry is almost two characters. In public he's the kind of nice guy who chokes up around the ladies, wonders why everybody can't just get along, and blithely responds to most situations with an amusing anecdote. But in close company, he's one of the sharpest detective's in the west. Come to think of it, he rather reminds me of the Scarlett Pimpernel, or perhaps Douglas Fairbanks in Mark of Zorro. Plus Destry Rides Again has everything a good western should: Gunfights, bumbling deputies, saloon scenes aplenty, and a couple of semi-obligatory musical numbers. In fact, just about any western clich from the period can be found here. Destry is after all, a parody of its contemporaries. As such it works best when it's being completely screwball, as with the guy who lost his pants and can't find new ones, or the hilarious bar-room catfight. And I was quite impressed by the ending, when the villain is defeated using a plot device never seen before or since in a western. The action scenes and investigative bits also work well, the attempts at establishing a love interest not so much. It can also get a bit sappy at times; although this is forgivable considering that it was made in '39. Overall, Destry Rides Again is a solid comedy western, suitable for the whole family.

Landis Anna F (us) wrote: Loved it! There was a really weird cut in the hospital lobby and I was sad about the dog, but other than that it was great!!!