Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni

Screen adapatation of Mozart's greatest opera. Don Giovanni, the infamous womanizer, makes one conquest after another until the ghost of Donna Anna's father, the Commendatore, (whom Giovanni killed) makes his appearance. He offers Giovanni one last chance to repent for his multitudinious improprieties. He will not change his ways So, he is sucked down into hell by evil spirits. High drama, hysterical comedy, magnificent music! (and unfortunately poor direction by film maker Joseph Losey. The final scene looks more like an industrial mishap than a supernatural event.)

Screen adapatation of Mozart's greatest opera. Don Giovanni, the infamous womanizer, makes one conquest after another until the ghost of Donna Anna's father, the Commendatore, (whom ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean R (ru) wrote: It's got a good story in it, but it lacks a bit of structure. It has so much spirit in the music of Alabama 1950.Danny Glover gives us a decent performance to move the story along, and works very well with Charles S. Dutton.I felt they could have come to a solution a bit sooner, and felt it had dragged in a couple of bits.Over all, I did enjoy the music.

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Christina A (fr) wrote: Such a beautiful movie.

Jacek M (us) wrote: Better than both Matrix and THX 1138.

Benjamin N (br) wrote: Beautifully acted and told. Hopkins kills it.

Tara H (kr) wrote: The vivid, teen movie style of the 50s is captured here, using Lewis's music to reflect the highs and lows of his life. Winona Ryder is lovely as always, a very underrated talent.

Sass D (de) wrote: "Nobody thinks we will work, do they?""You just described every success story I know."And bam! I felt like a total girl :)

Heather R (it) wrote: Due to Bruce Campbell and David Carradine, this B+ flick is worth a look. Think a lighter version of Dusk til Dawn, with more dawn and less demons.

Teresa S (ag) wrote: (1974 Director William Castle) I have not seen this...but intend to rent it thru Netflix IN HONOR OF MARCEL MARCEAU! HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS ONE???

Art L (br) wrote: One of my all time favs

Matt B (jp) wrote: There really is no point to this movie. Watched when I did not have anything else to do.