Don Juan DeMarco

Don Juan DeMarco

John Arnold DeMarco is a man who believes he is Don Juan, the greatest lover in the world. Clad in a cape and mask, DeMarco undergoes psychiatric treatment with Dr. Jack Mickler to cure him of his apparent delusion. But the psychiatric sessions have an unexpected effect on the psychiatric staff and, most profoundly, Dr Mickler, who rekindles the romance in his complacent marriage.

Don Juan DeMarco revolves around a psychiatrist who must cure a young patient presents himself as Don Juan, the Spanish nobleman and world renowned organizations fabled seducer / lover of woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry T (us) wrote: This was cheap and Anne Heche was a blink or miss turn. Nothing new and positively dire.

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Kriss T (au) wrote: A good character study of people dealing with death in different ways, however a tighter edit, stronger acting, and a tonally accurate score would have made it a deeper movie.

Mike S (fr) wrote: Good, clean, all-American fun.

Andreus D (it) wrote: It is tough to rate this movie for me, as the individual components of the film are very interesting and hold a very creative mode of storytelling. It is instead the amassing of said components where the trouble is found. I feel this is a great skeleton of a high potential story, and with some tender reediting love, this could easily become a artistic masterpiece.

Stevie S (jp) wrote: tits in the opening credits.... you know it's gonna be a good movie!

cli o (mx) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

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Jimmy M (au) wrote: screw the critics I love this movie

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Jenna I (nl) wrote: This could have been fantastic-- the story is great, philip glass is a great choice, and it has a couple of great scenes-- but it was shot so boringly and impersonally it's hard to really get into. The acting isnt great either. Disappointingly bland.

Mark N (br) wrote: When you listen to Jackson's lilting lament to poor Ben I think few realize it's a child's song to his mutant, possibly psychic, intelligent, homicidal rat overlord. Ben is a sequel to Willard and sees a child befriend the menace that is Ben and become his protector. The movie is rather good for 70's animal horror and the use of rats is pretty believable and lacks the usual 'stuffed stand-in' that flattens the impact of most such flicks. Lacking any really epic scenes the plot does roll by and feels in many ways the middle of a trilogy that would not get completed.

Rick R (nl) wrote: Run Silent, Run Deep (1958)It's a cliched submarine war drama, but it's also a good movie and well worth watching. Desk-bound in Hawaii, Commander Richardson (Clark Gable) had his submarine sunk at the infamous Bungo Straights and wants to get another crack at the Akikase destroyer. So he swings getting command of another sub with the top brass. First Officer, Lieutenant Jim Bledsoe (Burt Lancaster) is the Captain apparent, but has to babysit Richardson instead. His whole crew is antagonistic, especially when he drills them for days, getting them trained for a difficult bow shot of the Akikase. When Commander Richardson finally goes into the Bungo Straights, it's right out of Moby Dick, but you knew it was going to happen.The crew is filled with great actors, including; Jack Warden, Don Rickles, Brad Dexter, and Nick Cravat who has been in many of Lancaster's movies.

Chris B (ca) wrote: A solid and fun early British film from Michael Powell, "The Spy in Black" shows his early prowess with the camera. Even though It's considered a B film, the interior and exterior shots are captured surprisingly well and the use of angles adds to the intrigue and secrecy in the film. The movie is about a German submarine captain named Conrad Veidt who receives orders to infiltrate and gather intelligence to destroy a British Fleet. The other spies and people involved in the mission may not be who they seem. The only drawbacks, from an otherwise enjoyable film, was the held back movements and actions of both the Germans and English during crucial scenes. For examples of this look at the woman spy who is alone with the German officer, he literally sits his pistol down to change and she does nothing even though only a few feet away. Aside from the scenes not flowing too realistically, I enjoyed the movie as a whole. If you are into B films or just older British films of the action/suspense genre, this is a solid and entertaining one.

Wade W (kr) wrote: Yes Man offers some tender-hearted moments and a solid cast. Jim Carrey brings his signature bravado along for the ride. Despite its strengths, the film can't escape typical genre trappings and cliche elements.

Mark D (kr) wrote: Wtf was Bale thinking?

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David L (us) wrote: While driving a load of freight across the godforsaken Australian outback from Melbourne to Perth spacey loner American truck driver Pat Quid (an endearingly eccentric portrayal by Stacy Keach) begins to suspect that the man (scruffy top Aussie stuntman Grant Page) in a van he keeps seeing on the highway might very well be the vicious Jack the Ripper-style psycho who's been murdering attractive lady hitchhikers and leaving their chopped up bodies on the side of the road. The only problem is that Quid can't convince anyone else that this could be the case. Pretty soon Quid finds his own life in considerable jeopardy. In her early 80's horror scream queen era, Jamie Lee Curtis pops up as a brassy runaway rich heiress who's along for the ride.Cunningly combining elements of "Duel," vintage Alfred Hitchcock pictures (chiefly "Rear Window"), 70's existential road movies and early 80's slasher fare, this spiffy, absorbing and suspenseful mystery thriller works very well. Richard Franklin (who next did the surprisingly acceptable "Psycho II" and later faltered with the abysmal killer monkey dud "Link") directs with tremendous skill and assurance while both Brian ("The Road Warrior") May's flavorful, harmonica-tinged score and Vincent ("Thirst") Morton's exquisitely expansive cinematography are definitely up to speed. Moreover, the dingy desert locations evoke a frightfully palpable feeling of all-encompassing dread, isolation and vulnerability, the tension steadily escalates to a nerve-wracking fever pitch, there are amusing touches of offbeat humor featured throughout and the final confrontation between Quid and the killer in a cramped back alley delivers one hell of a potent gut punch. The nifty tweaking of your standard average guy in danger scenario in particular is a nice inspired touch; this scenario is given a fresh and engaging workover by making Quid a likeably quirky oddball. An eerie, understated and above all intelligent stand-out scary sleeper.