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Don Juan Tenorio


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dmovie c (it) wrote: Not even a half star very terrible who ever had this idea needs to find another job

Chris M (au) wrote: Worse than I could have expected. Points for Dinklage giving it the old college try.

Todd S (au) wrote: Graduation is an intense and clever thriller that surprised the hell out of me. It only got 3 1/2 stars, because the beginning drags on forever, but by the end of this film, you will be very satisfied. This young cast led by TV veteran, Chris Marquette, follows four best friends approaching their high school graduation. Unfortunate circumstances lead them to need a large sum of money and they come up with the only option available to them, rob a bank. This is a tough film to review without spoilers, so I can't say more than that, but this is a very clever film, with some great young actors. Although it was slow at first, the ending makes it all worthwhile, and you'll be very surprised at where the groups choices lead them. This may be a b-movie with a no-name cast, but it's one that will change the way you think about certain things and I highly recommend it!

Ed Q (fr) wrote: Form shouldn't always follow function, as evidenced by this bit of anti-cinema. Haneke has explored similar themes in better films.

Daniel S (nl) wrote: very impressive well made well acted drama from malle, its a compelling story that is played out in as good a way as i could think of, i liked the dark tone and the ominous music,ive always loved irons and binoche and they are in top form here, i also liked the small role of irons' father in law, the final shot is nice too

Leslie M (mx) wrote: Not as sharp toothed as one'd like, but pretty good and it's a hoot how many of his homeys and cronies Tim Robbins got to show up (a very young Jack Black for one). The faux Dylan songs are hilarious!

Ryan S (jp) wrote: This one took the first Basket Case and turned the camp way, way, way up, but I'm not complaining, I like it better that way. I find that took the first one too seriously when a lot of it was just laughable, in this one they laughed along with those moments and the comedy was intention rather than unintentional like a lot of moments in the first one. However, this one is definitely a lot less realistic and just completely over-the-top, but I mean... it's about a living fetus that a dude carries around in a basket, and not only that in this one, but about lots of "freaks" including a human frog, I don't know how the hell that happens, and a short rat looking fellow that made me burst out laughing every time he showed up on screen. But it still had it's horror moments and when the freaks decided to fuck shit up, you better watch out, lol. Belial looks A LOT better and more realistic in this one too, some big advancements over a few years, it would seem. All in all, a very entertaining movie that just turns the ridiculous factor up the whole way and I have no idea where the hell they went from this, in the 3rd one, but I'd like to find out.

Sanity Assassin (ru) wrote: refreshing to see a film about racism that isn't so in your face morally and actually has characters as apposed to a load of walking moral messages. lee marvin is very able but i enjoyed watching O.J. the most doing his thing... taking action rather than mouthing words

Stephen C (de) wrote: They really dont make them like this epic anymore and despite a slow start this really is a great western.The film does have a story as we follow the trails and tribulations of the Prescott family who become part of American History as the Wild west begins to take shape.Three directors have a hand in crafting the story dealing as it does with the Wild Rivers,Wagon Trains ,The Civil War ,The Railroad and Outlaws.Of all the sequences in the film its the last two which really kick into high gear with buffalo stampedes and an excilting train robbery sequence with George Peppard battling with Eli Wallachs bad guy.The cast is of course stellar with appearances from the Likes of John Wayne,Henry Fonda and James Stewart.Spencer Tracy adds quality narration and yyou can see that the 15 million dollars was well spent bringing this film to the screen.Of the directors its Henry Hathaway who brings the most out of The Cinerama scope ,although i would have loved to see more of John Fords Civil war section as it was all too brief.A huge epic in places then but amid all the scope there is some detail in the story.

Larry Y (us) wrote: I grew up watching the cheapie Bowery Boys/East Side Kids comedies. Seeing them when thet actually were kids (as the Dead End Kids) was a shock. This early noir film is not only their best, but also one of the best for both Bogart and Cagney.

Damien C (nl) wrote: A great insight into life in the 1800s. I knew exactly what was going to happen from pop culture references, but that didn't stop the tears...

Brendan S (ru) wrote: Oh my god. What a snooze fest and a pretentious waste of my time. Darren seems to pretend that he's smarter than he actual is and the audience eats it up. This was probably the most boring movie I've ever seen. 1/10

Adam B (mx) wrote: A must for Irish history buffs.