Don Peyote

Don Peyote

An ordinary guy delves deep into counterculture, conspiracy theories and the like as he tries to discern the structure of society.

DON PEYOTE tells the story Warren Allman, an unemployed stoner who finally finds a purpose in life after an unpleasant encounter with a homeless man preaching the end is near. Fueled by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don Peyote torrent reviews

Alejandro S (gb) wrote: No tena grandes expectativas sobre este filme britnico pero algo me hizo verlo de todos modos. Por dicha lo hice, porque realmente me gust y mucho. Basado en hechos reales sobre un caso poltergeist en Inglaterra en los 70's, y adems el director del filme es sobrino de la mujer que vivi en esa casa. Todava no entiendo para qu cambiaron el apellido de la familia, ya que por lo que estuve revisando, el caso ha sido bien documentado y hasta apareci en peridicos, pero debido a algunos elementos controversiales sobre todo con respecto a miembros de la Iglesia, supongo que al cambiar el apellido, pueden alegar que es simplemente un guin en caso de una demanda por difamacin. Regresando al filme, no tiene actores conocidos, pero todo el cast hace un muy buen trabajo personificando sus papeles. La direccin es muy acertada. La msica es justo la indicada para meterte en la trama. Y los efectos especiales ms que satisfactorios. Todo son gustos, pero en mi opinin muy personal, puedo decirles que no le hagan caso a las bajas calificaciones que ha sufrido este filme, si lo ven en su video club, alquilenla, les gustar mucho.

Tony V (ru) wrote: Come ON!!! Try better!!!! And even mad from Cartoon Network Made fun of this

GeeGee (ru) wrote: This is a great movie. The characters bring life to the film. I esspecially LOVE MosDef and his performance.

Todd S (mx) wrote: Corin Nemec pairs with Director Michael Feifer on their fourth direct-to-video profile of a serial killer. This time the one they chose was Ted Bundy and the movie is not as advertised. Even though their other collaborations have been less than steller, I decided to watch this one, because it was described as a "drama that traces the path of this charming icon serial killer." From that, I was hoping to see a biographical film and that's the way it started out. After a half-hour or so, the film unfortunately descended into a blood bath. Ever since establishing himself with the hilarious teen comedy, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Corky Nemec has turned to the dark side and seems to thrive on playing these twisted evil men. The former teen idol is terrific and gives a really strong performance, but it was the only thing of note in this film. After introducing us to Bundy, the writers stop focusing on the man and focus on his crimes. For the final hour of this film that's all you see, until a macabre ending which tries to show Bundy as some kind of hero, who never had a chance, because of his circumstances. The man brutally butchered as many as seventy woman, but according to this film, it's not his fault, he's just a child who never grew up. The whole premise of the film was ridiculous, it's a blood bath that tries to make Ted Bundy into some kind of victim and it's a slap in the face to the families of his victims. As much as I enjoy seeing Corin Nemec play a psychopath, I'm done with these snuff films that glorify the most evil men the world has even known.

Ian C (kr) wrote: Probably the only gang of students who actually enjoy school.

Shantel D (jp) wrote: I saw this once many years ago, but have just watched it. I loved it! I will definitely watch it again. Self aware technology.... terrifying thought.

Isaac B (de) wrote: Satan was an acid head!

Diana A (es) wrote: Pretty good, yet long (brace yourself) film that tries to offer 3 different depictions of women, all named Lucia, in different complicated moments of Cuban history. It is rather interesting and well filmed - lots of nouvelle vague and German Expressionist undertones here - although it is this long. Recommended for those interested in Cuban revolutionary cinema and women's roles in it.

Cha t (jp) wrote: If you want to see Arkin rent 'Catch 22' or 'Poppi' to see this great actor who snone brightly in the 70's, not this junk. (Also Oscar for 'Little Miss Sunshine"

Ashley H (nl) wrote: William Asher's Beach Blanket Bingo is probably the best, and certainly the most entertaining, of the beach party movies. For once, the script is actually funny, not just stupid, and the presence of Buster Keaton, Timothy Carey and Harvey Lembeck as Von Zipper, adds a lot to the camp value and a young Linda Evans adds her own exotic beauty. Annette Funicello looks great, Frankie Avalon seems to have a tan and the late, great, John Ashley adds to the fun. This isn't Shakespeare, but the script is clever, and this has the best songs in the film, with the great Les Baxter actually having a hand in the songs and their arrangements in addition to his usual scoring duties.

Rebecca P (mx) wrote: Beautiful acting from iconic Greer Garson and Ronald Colman. A WWI vet has been hospitalized with amnesia for a long time, and runs away from the hospital. A beautiful performer hides him from the authorities. They fall in love, get married, and have a son. Unfortunately he is conked on the head, and remembers his former life, and forgets his family. Years later she finds him, but does not tell him she is his wife. She works for him for years as his secretary hoping he will love her again. He offers her a loveless marriage of political convenience, which is so heartbreaking. She marries him hoping he will remember and love her again. Every day of hoping slowly wears down her spirit. A happy coincedence of being in the same town they were years later slowly brings back the lost memories. I love happy endings.

Jeff H (it) wrote: A fun, light comedy that proves "When it rains, it pours"

Neil W (ca) wrote: If you don't think this film is something quite special then I suggest visiting a doctor for you are broken, my friend...

Maximiliano G (br) wrote: Not a great movie but it will entertain. The protagonist of this movie is "The Thorn" symbol, that plays a big role in the history line. People say that all of this makes Michael less scary, but, It's the fifth movie where Michael is the main murderer. It's not scary anymore! This movie it's almost as good as "Halloween 5", and if you don't care about the "Thorn", maybe you will enjoy it.