Don Quixote

Don Quixote

After reading too many novels about knights and heroic stories, Don Quijote and his servant Sancho Panza decide to wander the roads of Spain to protect the weak and to accomplish good deeds. But the real world is not as magical and fairy as Don Quijote imagines it to be. Following the plot of Cervantes classical book, Don Quijote fights with windmills thinking they are giants but unluckily, he man

After reading too many novels about knights and heroic stories, Don Quijote and his servant Sancho Panza decide to wander the roads of Spain to protect the weak and to accomplish good deeds... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allan C (au) wrote: I'd read terrible reviews of this film, but I did enjoy writer/director Larry Bishop's biker film "Hell Ride," so I was curious about this film. The film has an unbelievably strong and diverse cast, which includes Richard Dreyfuss, Gabriel Byrne, Jeff Goldblum, Ellen Barkin, Diane Lane, Gregory Hines, Burt Reynolds, Richard Pryor, Billy Idol, Paul Anka, Rob Reiner, Michael J. Pollard, Henry Silva, Joey Bishop, Larry Bishop and Kyle MacLachlan, but a weak script and a very odd representation of 1950s gangland that I think was trying to approximate a kitschy recreation of Rat Pack films like "Robin and the Seven Hoods." The story, such as it is, involved mob boss Dreyfuss getting out of a sanatarium while his many underlings vie for empire with guns and words. The story unfolds in a very clumsy manner and ends up feeling like a collection of scenes than as a cohesive whole. However, the stellar cast manages to make the film endurable, but that's as far as it goes. Pretty weak stuff.

Lester F (ca) wrote: You definitely need to watch the anime series to understand and appreciate this movie. The animation, score, [english] voice acting, and overall story was all great. The movie was really long, but it wasn't overly slow paced. An exceptional movie.

David W (kr) wrote: Strange but compelling...weirdly twisted and utterly dark...I kinda enjoyed it.

Jonathan D (au) wrote: The subject of this movie came to my attention twenty years ago in Oliver Sacks's fascinating profile "An Anthropologist On Mars." Grandin is an autistic woman who is unable to relate to or read the feelings of other people, yet discovered in herself a distinct affinity for cattle. She used her unusual understanding, ironically, to develop new ways of herding cattle for slaughter, in a more humane manner, and her methods are now being used in most modern abattoirs.This is a strange subject for a movie, but director Mick Jackson expands on it to enable us to most fully empathize with Grandin, understanding her talents, her disabilities, and the ways that she learns to apply her positive skills to adapt to her weaknesses. The beauty of the piece is that it is interested in Grandin as a full woman, telling a comprehensive story of her life which focuses on her autism without reducing her to it. We learn about her early days on a ranch, where, observing how cattle are calmed in a cage that hugs them, she eventually creates a similar device for herself - and the troubles this creates when she tries building one at college. At the center is the terrific performance of Claire Danes. We've seen her unhooked in "Homeland" when she goes off her meds, Her character is always just barely in control - integrating with society only by what she can learn consciously - not by intuition. Julia Ormond is her caring but not always understanding mom - I remember Ormond was ridiculed in her first onscreen performance in "Legends of the Fall" but she's developed really good chops over the years.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: What is so fantastic about this powerful, thought-provoking drama is not only the remarkably intelligent way that it raises many questions about good, evil, morality and amorality, but also that it can be incredibly tense, gripping and unpredictable.

Joel M (jp) wrote: 4/10: Strong performances from a strong cast. Though the story and the pace of the movie could've been better.

STEYONCE AKA MIMI most known a lil mama (kr) wrote: beyonce is my girl..any thang she play in u knw i seen it

Dan J (fr) wrote: A few laugh out loud moments a terrific cast and an original concept, keep this otherwise silly film from falling flat.

Vincent D (fr) wrote: There are movies out there, that have been shot down by critics, and are left largely unknown to the public. By The Sword is one of those movies. The originality of this movie is that it develops in the world of fencing. The main actors, Eric Roberts and F. Murray Abraham are on top of their game. The story is solid, albeit a little predictable. Eric Roberts, to me, is stellar in this movie. I've always thought he was a fantastic actor, and I'm stoked that he's back in the game. Of course, opposite to him, F. Murray Abraham also shines. In fact, if only for the two main characters, this is a must-see. I highly recommend it!

Vlad P (mx) wrote: It's a pretty fun movie to see, it's really amazing how they fake all of the stuff, and those laughs, rofl. But there is some nice fighting action from time to time though.

Michael H (mx) wrote: Low grade exploitation that takes too long to get going, with terrible acting and laughable special effects, but if your idea of fun is a vagina's eye view of prostitutes exploding then this is the movie for you!

Kristi M (fr) wrote: I saw it had good reviews and I of course like Antonio Banderas so I gave this a shot. It was so cheesy from the very beginning that I almost turned it off until Marina imitates the woman who sees her costar and remembers dating him and I busted out laughing. That was the highlight of the film for me. I like my own cult films though so who am I to judge.

Vinicius B (jp) wrote: O melhor filme brasileiro de todos os tempos! O mais repugnante, nojento, imperdovel e cruel filme que este pas j lanou! Uma narrativa sem iguais, com cenas memorveis, que fazem parte da histria do cinema mundial!"Pixote: a lei do mais fraco" tudo isto! Uma viagem alucinante na viso de um garoto de dez anos chamado Pixote. Uma jornada absolutamente maravilhosa, nunca feita antes nem depois com o mesmo sucesso por qualquer outro filme brasileiro. Uma obra que merece ser vista e revista vrias vezes.Atuaes impecveis; roteiro muito bem escrito e planejado; uma direo de tirar o flego e uma fotografia muitssimo interessante. No vou falar mais absolutamente nada sobre esta obra de arte que deveria ser apreciada por todos os brasileiros e ser colocada como motivo de orgulho para o cinema do nosso povo. E em pensar que tem gente que diz que "Tropa de Elite 2" o melhor filme brasileiro j lanado...

Markus S (kr) wrote: Not the greatest acting, but a very heartwarming story.

Byron B (mx) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR

Chris S (ru) wrote: You'd think this was film noir with the awkward lighting and shadows. I don't think the film was a completely confusing mess because I understood what was going on. It is not exactly Hitchcock's best and it doesn't exactly use its numerous characters in a proper way but surely, it is quite interesting, entertaining and hilarious even with its countless flaws.

Adam E (mx) wrote: Classique film culte de la part d'Albert Dupontel qui pete les plombs de maniere superbement bourrain et decalee. Le scripte est hilarant et la realisation est vachement stylee. L'humour noir a son top. "S'en prendre a un bebe!!!!"

Muffin M (nl) wrote: Catherine (Gwyneth Paltrow) has devoted years to caring for her brilliant but mentally unstable father, Robert (Anthony Hopkins), a mathematical genius. But when his genius slips away, he leaves behind a mystery that affects her life...and her own sanity.also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Hope Davis, Roshan Seth, Gary Houston, Anne Whttman, Colin Stinton and Danny McCarthy.directed by John Madden.

Hank M (jp) wrote: not as compelling as it should be...and with a lot of cheesy scenes staged inside his mind. I guess.

Tania S (fr) wrote: A western worth to watch with an amazing director and cast.