Don't Answer the Phone!

Don't Answer the Phone!

A deeply disturbed photographer and Vietnam veteran, named Kirk Smith, terrorizes Los Angeles by going around strangling lingerie-clad young women in their homes while taunting Lindsay Gale, a young psychologist, by calling her on a radio call-in show to describe his sexual hang-ups and misogynistic ways, while a local police detective, Lt. McCable, is always two steps behind in trying to catch the psycho.

A deeply disturbed photographer and Vietnam veteran, named Kirk Smith, terrorizes Los Angeles by going around strangling lingerie-clad young women in their homes while taunting Lindsay Gale... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giovanni L (it) wrote: Simply the worst movie i ever seen.

Patrick S (kr) wrote: I like the nazi dude.

Peter L (nl) wrote: My Rating: 3.5/5 stars; Grade: B; Gesture: One Thumb Up; Status: Somewhat Good (Fresh); Emoticon: :-}.

Princess S (ca) wrote: O__O???? should I dare?

Isaac S (us) wrote: this movie is really slow-paced. it's also really god damn good. one of the few movies that deals with its subject matter that i can watch without thinking "oh, please." if you don't mind french and a slow burn, this is possibly one of the best movies i've ever seen.

Kevin M (us) wrote: it is funny and the story is interesting

Matthew B (jp) wrote: Dark Water has to be the most predictable and the most forgettable horror movie I've seen in years. Jennifer Connelly dose a solid performance in the movie but that's really it.

ScubaSteve Walter M (gb) wrote: Kid as assassins, lady bodyguards, and an assassin using her genitalia as her weapon, these are some of the few weird characters Miike has to offer. And oh he never fails to bring a lot of bloodshed. It's a good flick really but the story is too lame.

Private U (ru) wrote: It was an intersting view of teh festival. I have never attended a Wigstock so I'm glad they made the film. There are many funny moments.

Glenn B (ag) wrote: Fun Cohen movie with -- typically for him -- dozens of small surprises that Hollywood would never give. Sure, it's farfetched, and the human sacrifice subplot is sort of under-developed, but Michael Moriarty is great & this is, I believe, a NYC movie that stands with _The Taking of Pelham One Two Three_ in showing what a gritty place Manhattan was before Giuliani McDisneyBucked it to death. A lot of fun, and bears repeated viewing because of the quality of the script and the performances.

Danny R (it) wrote: This movie was actually surprisingly creepy. Not a bad classic horror movie.

Tom H (br) wrote: One of the best blaxploitation movies i have seen. Awesome and hilarious from beginning to end. Hayes is perfectly cast as Truck Turner. and the dialog is inventive and memorable. "Harvard Blue: Turner's like a bulldog with eyes up his ass!"

Mereie d (es) wrote: Though entertaining enough to see for a second time (great funny subtleties to lighten up a deadly serious topic based on historical fact), ??Landru?? has its tame sides too. One is amused by the costume setting, the feigned romance, the historical circumstances that make Landru??s (Charles Denner) crimes a ??necessity?? (=war time leading to both financial problems and a female surplus). In a way, the silly charade of the meetings between Landru and his women is not unlike the silly charade of blind dates and relationship counseling nowadays: you get the lies (from both sides), the awkward first encounters, the faked interest, etc. Chabrol clearly displays the absurdity of these charades by emphasizing the overly sentimental affectations of both the women and Landru himself, while contrasting them with Landru??s utter cruelty. Landru is clearly a psychopath (rather than just a gold digger). In the end it is almost as if he has convinced himself of being innocent of any crime. Chabrol has done a decent job turning serious stuff into entertainment occasionally verging on hilarity (American neighbours who keep complaining about the stench coming from the chimney, Landru buying one return ticket and one single fare every time he??s spotted a new potential victim, etc.), but truth be told, it is also much of the same. After a few conquests and domestic tiffs, we pretty well got the picture.

Michael T (nl) wrote: Not much happening here.

Roy H (nl) wrote: Castle at it's best.

Scott R (ag) wrote: Great courtroom drama that has tremendous buildup to the trial. Great cast, and Welles gives a great performance with an epic speech that saves the boys from death. Tcm said he only had seven days to get this whole scene shot, and when during the shooting he could not have anyone in his field of vision, and if they were they had to look away to maintain his concentration. Many themes of are touched on including mercy v justice, youthful daring/compulsion, prison v death sentences, cheating the justice system and many more. It was good to say the least.

David D (fr) wrote: A real fine drama with some powerful performances. Not as good as the novel it is based on but probably as thorough a treatment of the novel as could have came out of Hollywood.

Aaron M (gb) wrote: This is Jim Carreys best movie in my opinion. Its absolutely genius and Jim Carrey was comedy gold. Its very funny and Carreys daft style makes it possible for the whole family to enjoy. Its a cute story with many laugh out loud moments, in a laugh a minute format.

Vaughn (us) wrote: One of My Favorite Movies of all time!