Don't Be Afraid

Don't Be Afraid

Silvia used to be a cheerful little girl until something happened when she was 8 years old. Nobody could understand the sudden change in her behavior. Now that she's 25, Silvia wants to settle scores with her traumatic past.

Silvia is a young girl marked by a dark childhood. When she is barely twenty-five, she decides to start over and to face the people, feelings and emotions that keep her bound to the past. In her fight against adversity and against herself, she will learn to control her fears and become an adult, responsible for her own actions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Don't Be Afraid torrent reviews

RajanSatish P (ca) wrote: A movie in the name of a action thriller ..too many copy cats from Matrix , The Italian Job ...Ajith fits the role but nothing works other than that

Stefan V (nl) wrote: Zwaar emotioneel historisch drama over de door Franse (!) politie geregelde razzia (rafle) in Parijs op 16 juli 1942 waardoor zo'n 13000 Joden uiteindelijk in Auschwitz belanden...

Erik K (mx) wrote: Everyone fails to see a point to this film. I say, the points staring right at you. The film shows a kid (Shiloh Fernandez) fresh out of high school. He's living the life he dreamed about all through his educational life. Only problem, is that he can't look past the fact that he has to grow up. Unfortunately for him, when an old friend returns home he finds out living the life of a washout isn't all its cracked up to be. Drastic changes happen to his life, that change his point of view. This movie address a lot of issues still prominent in todays society. This movie is set in the reagan era, but has nothing to do with any type of politics. The movie addresses families falling apart, being young in a world where everything is changing, and people drifting out of the life you tried so hard to build. If you want a movie set in the 80s and gives you an emotional thrill ride. Sit back and grab some popcorn and pop in Skateland.

Daniel M (gb) wrote: I rather have died. But everyone was hot

Tess M (us) wrote: this is a really strange movie, i did not like it, just to much strangeness in the moscow underground,

Natasa P (kr) wrote: It is a romantic story!!!

Andrey B (us) wrote: Well acted, emotionally, both Gere and Lane. Is it worth it, giving everything to the family...?

Carlos I (de) wrote: A little too ridiculous, but there are some decent gags, namely at the end, that was funny. The cliche 70s traits were a bit annoying at times.

Joseph S (ru) wrote: It's Ozu in Technicolor. What's not to love?

Patrick W (ag) wrote: the best scene in the movie is the Casa Bonita "Black Bart's Cave" with the million pictures of Lucy Liu on the walls

Sharon S (br) wrote: Excellent murder mystery

Matthew R (de) wrote: Worth a watch. Terence Stamp puts on an excellent performance.

Jim S (ca) wrote: Steve Gutenberg has not aged well. This is a horrible movie.

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