Don't Fade Away

Don't Fade Away

Life was easy for Jackson White. With looks, brains, and athletic ability,the world's possibilities seemed limitless. But, when he came to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the music industry, he was so seduced by money and status that he lost track of who he was. Now, with both his personal and professional lives on the edge of ruin, he's been called home to care for his dying father. While in North Carolina, he'll have to confront the friends he lost track of and the girl he never met.

A troubled music manager on the edge returns from Los Angeles to North Carolina to care for his sick father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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rah c (es) wrote: Very good movie can't wait for the next chapter!

Al H (us) wrote: A Very special kind of animation for a thrilling story.

Adam S (ag) wrote: Australian film epics, which always follow the basic story of the "ANZAC Spirit", usually focus on the First World War's Battle of Gallipoli. "Beneath Hill 60" instead goes on to show Australian involvement in other battles, in this case on the Western Front (particularly Belgium), where the 1st Australian Digger Company was involved in the destruction of Hill 60.It's a decidedly gritty film, and often confrontational at times, dealing with the cost of war. There are great performances from the large ensemble cast, led by Brendan Cowell in the lead role as Capt. Oliver Woodward, and featuring notables such as Bella Heathcote and Bob Franklin.War films have gotten grittier over time, and this is one of Australia's grittiest war efforts yet.

Karen Kristie S (ru) wrote: Sometimes, what I need is stories like this that make me realize there's more to my existence than the things I know. This story is based on real-life events and it's very inspiring and heart-warming.

Andrew R (jp) wrote: Cheesy as all hell. Some cool action but it fails in nearly every other aspect. It was really bad, but managed to make me laugh at its absurdity enough that I enjoyed it.

Ryan K (fr) wrote: Do movies really have to be movies based off of songs. Especialy christmas movies!?? Like literally they have those cheap shitty movies on tv titled after popular christmas songs. And guess what that's exactly what this is. This movie screams shit. Actually there are very rare occasions when a christmas movie is awesome (Christmas Vacation). But this is literally telling me right from the title grab a gun and go crazy. No thanks I'll be sure to vomit on this movie in the video rental store though.

Paul Z (es) wrote: At Cambridge, two scholars become dear friends, and then one day in a gamble, one tells the other that he loves him. The man proclaiming his passion is Clive, an member of the aristocracy who can expect a life of affluence, advantage and maybe public office. The man he feels affection for is Maurice, also well bred, who may go into stocks. In the beginning, Maurice is stunned and revolted by what his friend says, but later that night he climbs through the window to give him a sudden, hot-blooded kiss and murmurs "I love you." This film from James Ivory and Ismail Merchant, themselves both lovers and collaborators, is about the abyss between romantic idealism and urgent animal passion. Maurice, which was finished in 1914, was Forster's effort to confront in fiction his own homosexuality, and the novel was concealed until after his death. The story is set before WWI, when homosexuality was legally forbidden in Britain and being found out meant discredit and shame. Between Clive and Maurice, their views on love are contradictory. Clive is not that keen on the physical consummation of love. He feels it will "lower" them. His thinking is more spiritual and unrealistic. Maurice, once he has been familiarized with the concept of love between men, becomes a fervent romantic, and soon, Clive, the pursuer, becomes the pursued. Clive worries about publicity and scandal. He views homosexuality as something to be fought and conquered, and he ends it with Maurice to wed, take on his family duties and go into politics. Maurice is devastated, and there are bittersweet scenes in which he seeks out support from a hypnotist and the family doctor. Then he has a sexual episode of surprised fervor with Scudder, the coarse gamekeeper on Clive's land. Merchant and Ivory convey this story in a film so perfectly understated and so astutely acted that it almost merits seeing purely to look upon the production. Scene after scene is flawlessly constructed: a sleepy afternoon drifting on the river behind the Cambridge campus, a haphazard cricket game between masters and servants, the everyday custom of college life, outings to country estates and town homes, the details of the rooms. Ben Kingsley, Simon Callow, Billie Whitelaw and Denholm Elliott are all compelling. While some find Wilby imprecise in the title role, I feel he makes proper choices, playing a guy whose most heartfelt thoughts were constantly elsewhere. The question at the heart of the movie is with the chasm between Maurice's decisions. His first love is a person with whom he has much in common. They share wits as well as flesh. The gamekeeper is bluntly depicted as a coarse blue-collar kid, good-looking but simple. In the unbending class boundaries of 1914 England, the two men have little in common at all. The true reason their relationship is bold is not owing to sexuality but to status. Will their love triumph over all? Maybe. Brute sexuality is a vital part of everybody, but particularly after that original passion has dampened down, it's not the most essential part. There comes a time when people need to basically relate to each other. Will that time ever come between Maurice and Scudder? If their choice to live together was a worthy and spirited thing, it would appear to contend that the most significant thing about them was their being gay. But because the story is about the internal strife of two young men confronting their homosexuality throughout times when it was criminal, the choices both Maurice and Clive make are based on survival, not ideal fulfillment. One may be happier than the other, but they'll always be running and hiding from how much they love each other.

Junaid A (nl) wrote: All police stories r amazing... jacky chan rocks

christina b (br) wrote: need to rewatch- all i remember is that i couldnt believe he made a serious movie

Lynda M (ru) wrote: Fully entertaining piece from the gifted Kieslowski. There are many lairs here to explore, from film making itself, fantasy, morality and so on. Perhaps it is aimed at people who are close to film making and art in away, yet I see Camera Buff giving something interesting for many different audiences.

Nancy S (us) wrote: Kinda long, but still an okay story. Hubby likes this one

Kyle M (au) wrote: In my opinion, this is the worst godzilla film. Godzilla's revenge has one entertaining quality, how stupid it is. This movie contains. Creature that has no relation to godzilla, crappy cgi, meh acting, and "godzilla" gets killed by missiles!

Sean W (nl) wrote: Talk about an annoying character. Woman falls for Cary Grant (surprise) then goes out of her way to trap him any way she can. All this woman wants is handsome Grant, a beautiful house and a bunch of kids -- so she stalks Grant. A) She's not attractive B) in 2008 (or 1948 for that matter) the stunts she pulls off should have landed her in jail and C) the jabs at bachelors are simply insulting. Luckily the film doesn't totally fail in that Grant is never suckered by the schemes. This is the first romance movie where I was hoping the would be lovers didn't get together. I would pity any man stuck with this woman...and let's face it...the idea that women need to help men growing up by domesticating them is plain insulting. Look around and see how many unhappy married men there are!

Stacey O (br) wrote: Interesting little drama on how fragile family relationships are.

Karen W (ru) wrote: love charlie chan want to buy all his movies.....

Pia K (es) wrote: Enp muistanut elokuvan jujua, vaikka nin tmn jo toistamiseen... suosittelisin tt Stephen Kingin elokuvaa ainoastaan Johnny Depp <3 -faneille. (Suom. Salainen ikkuna)

Jerry R (it) wrote: I really liked this movie. Taylor Swift and Zac Efron had chemistry in this movie. I found my self laughing in parts with Betty White's Norma. I really did not care for the thneed flashback story and that villain was horrible this movie didn't need a North Korea like border I just though it was kind of corny but at the end I watched one of Illumantion's best movies yet

Nicolas C (it) wrote: This Xmen movie has a darker theme but I have to admit that it is very well made.

David D (es) wrote: Supposed to be very odd.