Don't Give Up on Us

Don't Give Up on Us


Abby (Judy Ann Santos) thinks she has everything under control until her best friend Sabina walks out of her own bridal shower weeks before her marriage to Abby's younger brother Samuel. With a cassette tape left behind by Sabina as her only lead, Abby vows to find her best friend and bring her back in time for the wedding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Shane W (br) wrote: A few clever ideas does not a movie make. The juvenile pseudo-comedic situations don't help either. I'm disappointed Woody.

W James S (jp) wrote: Despite all the great actors chewing up the scenery here, this film proves to be a lurid tale that descends into violence. Although William Friedkin used to be one of the great directors in Hollywood (think "The Exorcist" and the "French Connection", just to name a couple), I don't think that he really hits the mark here at all. It seems to lack any sense of humor (except for Thomas Haden Church, who also hits the comic mark).

Clayton T (br) wrote: once i got over that he was ED it was a very thrilling movie

Cheska U (de) wrote: I find it very strange. I watched it but it didn't caught my attention. Though the inner difficulty the characters have in the film are very realistic and full of emotions. Emily Blunt is good! 4.5/10.

Lawrence F (nl) wrote: its ok... to watch it once

maddi m (kr) wrote: looks intresting why not?

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lucy c (ru) wrote: surprisingly good. the failing of this films is that its not a detective story and not action film. i enjoyed it and i think that the way that the main charecter act is bery true to life, even thought he role could not have been explored there is no doubt that the role is not real

Jordan S (gb) wrote: Delusions threw the day...this kid needs some help.

Aaron R (au) wrote: One of Sammo Hung's best. None stop action. Get the European version from Hong Legends. Excellent remastered version.

Emod L (ru) wrote: 29%The CGI proves too prominent in this stylish but dismal, distasteful, and just plain dumb historical film.

Cliff M (it) wrote: Djimon and McConaughey shine in this upsetting but remarkable true story of freedom and slavery. It should have won oscars aplenty but was wrongly overlooked.

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